‘Married at First Sight’: Meet the 5 Couples Who Will Say ‘I Do’ in Season 10

Wedding bells are ringing. Lifetime’s Married at First Sight is returning for season 10 in January 2020, and the network has revealed the 10 singles who have agreed to marry a complete stranger chosen for them by a trio of relationship experts

This season of the reality show — which is set in Washington, D.C. — will be bigger than ever before, with five couples (up from four in season 9) and super-sized 2-hour episodes that will capture even more of each pair’s unique journey from the altar to honeymoon to decision day. Here are the brave couples who’ve decided to take a blind leap into marriage on the next season of Married at First Sight

Taylor and Brandon  

Taylor was born in Pittsburgh but grew up mostly in Maryland with her mom. Her mother is her biggest role model and helped her become the woman she is now. In the last year, Taylor has ended a serious relationship to focus on finding herself, but now she’s ready to settle down. 

Brandon is from the U.S. Virgin Islands but grew up in D.C. Family is important to him and he wants to marry a woman who shares his values and will put family first. 

Jessica and Austin 

Jessica was raised on an Ohio Christmas tree farm, where she grew up with her parents, older brother, and an identical twin sister. Her mom and dad have been married for more than three decades, and she’s looking for a relationship that will be just as long-lasting. 

Austin is from Maryland. He had a happy childhood and his parents are still together. But even though he feels ready for marriage, he hasn’t found the right person to settle down with. Will Jessica be the one? 

Mindy and Zach 

Mindy’s parents — who divorced when she was 10 — taught her about the importance of family. While she believes that love is everything, she’s unfortunately spent years dating the wrong guys. Now, she’s ready to meet her Prince Charming. 

Zach, who grew up in Georgia, has a tight-knit Southern family with traditional values. His parents are also divorced and remarried, and seeing them learn and grow has influenced his outlook on love. 

Katie and Derek 

Virginia-native Katie’s parents are divorced, and that’s made her cautious about choosing a partner. Her dad is her best friend, her three brothers are her heroes, and she knows what she doesn’t want in a relationship. 

Will Derek make the cut? He grew up in Maryland in a close-knit military family. His parents are also divorced, but they raised him to value family, and that’s shaped his views on what marriage should be. 

Meka and Michael 

Wedding cake figures
Wedding cake figures | Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images

The oldest of five kids, Meka grew up in a single-parent home in Baltimore. For years, she’s struggled with knowing her self-worth and finding healthy relationships. But now she’s ready to finally find a partner with whom she can spend her life.

Michael’s mother died when he was young, and he was raised in Washington, D.C., by his aunt and cousin. Though his family is small, they’ve always stuck together. He’s ready to get married and just needs to find the right person to share his life.  

The Married at First Sight matchmaking special airs Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 7/6c followed by the season 10 premiere at 8/7c.