‘Married at First Sight’: Pastor Cal Roberson Asks Zach Justice If He Was ‘Emotionally Unfaithful’ to Mindy Shiben

For Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben, it was never smooth sailing on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. Zach told Mindy he wasn’t attracted to her shortly after their wedding, and their honeymoon in Panama was far from romantic. Five weeks into their marriage, Zach still hadn’t even moved in with his wife.

What’s more, Mindy’s friend, Lindsay—who met Zach at the wedding—had a behind-the-scenes relationship with Zach that seemed fishy. After exchanging contact info, Lindsay and Zach talked on the phone and texted frequently, making Mindy wonder if her husband was emotionally cheating on her.

On the Mar. 18 episode of Married at First Sight, “Move In Or Move Out,” Pastor Cal Roberson confronted Zach about his conversations with Mindy’s friend. He asked Zach to come forward about his potentially inappropriate relationship with Lindsay and tell the truth, once and for all.

Mindy Shiben
Mindy Shiben | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Zach insisted he was faithful to Mindy

Mindy told Dr. Viviana Coles that she didn’t buy Zach’s explanation of his relationship with Lindsay. “A lot of the details, their stories just aren’t the same,” she lamented. “And I think that he’s needed a reason to not move in and not be a good husband.”

“He’s needed bricks for the wall,” Dr. Coles agreed, suggesting that Zach had been looking for excuses and had possibly found one in Mindy’s friend.

Meanwhile, with Zach, Pastor Cal was even more straightforward. “Have you been faithful to her?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” the fitness professional responded confidently.

“Have you been emotionally faithful to her?” the Married at First Sight expert asked pointedly.

“Absolutely,” Zach replied.

Pastor Cal didn’t seem to buy Zach’s story

But the pastor wasn’t about to give up on the topic and let Zach’s story slide without some questioning. “Tell me about her friend that you had phone calls with,” he demanded.

Zach nervously told his version of the story, which was that he and Lindsay had had an online friendship—nothing more. “A week after the honeymoon, her friend reached out,” he said, claiming that Lindsay simply wanted to know how things were going. Zach continued, “I told her it was tough…She kind of gave me advice on how to approach Mindy.”

But Pastor Cal thought Zach’s secrecy was a red flag. “So did Mindy ever know about the phone calls?” he wondered. Zach confirmed that he’d never told Mindy about talking to Lindsay, and Lindsay had kept mum about it as well.

“Why would Mindy’s friend talk to you without telling her that she was talking to you?” the Married at First Sight matchmaker wondered.

“I have no idea,” Zach insisted.

The ‘Married at First Sight’ matchmaker warned Zach not to mess with Mindy’s heart

But Mindy still thought Zach’s relationship with Lindsay was inappropriate. “Zach has apologized for it,” she admitted. Still, she clearly didn’t think it was enough.

“He said, if the roles were reversed, that he really wouldn’t see a problem with it, though,” Mindy added tentatively.

Ultimately, Dr. Coles noted, Mindy had to make the best decision for her, instead of thinking of Zach first. “What would it take for you to say yes on Decision Day?” the therapist wondered.

“It would take a lot of changes,” Mindy confessed. The Married at First Sight star added, “I need to feel cared for and appreciated. And over the next three weeks, he needs to show me that he could be the husband that I need and the husband I deserve.”

Meanwhile, Pastor Cal asked Zach exactly that: if he could ever truly be the husband Mindy deserved.

“Yes,” Zach answered, with surprisingly little hesitation.

“But Zach, with all due respect, I don’t even believe you,” the pastor pushed back. “I’m calling BS.”

And while Zach insisted that he “still saw hope,” Pastor Cal wondered if he was truly genuine. “Is he trying to promote a business or modeling career?” he wondered aloud to Lifetime producers.

As a final warning, the Married at First Sight expert warned a shocked Zach not to hurt his wife any further if he could possibly help it. “Zach, don’t screw around with her heart,” he advised him. “Don’t, man. Don’t act married. Be married.”