‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: What Happened on ‘Third Week’s a Charm?’

It’s been nonstop drama so far for the five couples on Married at First Sight Season 12 in Atlanta. Here’s what happened on the Mar. 17 episode of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, “Third Week’s a Charm.”

Briana Morris looking out the window in her wedding dress on 'Married at First Sight' Season 12
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Vincent and Briana

During a meeting with Dr. Viviana Coles on the latest Married at First Sight episode, Vincent Morales and Briana Morris raved about each other and their vibrant connection. They said they were “best friends” and loved to be silly with each other.

Still, Dr. Viviana pressed Vincent and Briana about their arguments so far in their marriage. When it came to Vincent’s frustration during their ill-fated salsa class, he admitted his insecurities had gotten the better of him. He profusely apologized to his wife about his behavior that day.

“What I did that day was not cool at all,” Vincent told Briana. “You meant to show me a good time, and I kinda dropped the ball. I reacted the wrong way. I came in with a bad attitude. The way I reacted was totally unacceptable, so I want to apologize to you.”

Dr. Viviana suggested that Vincent might be acting out because he wanted so badly to impress his wife. Vincent agreed, and Briana poignantly reminded him: “You impress me just by being yourself.”

Later, Briana and Vincent completed a sweet blindfold exercise together about trust and vulnerability and seemed to be more into each other than ever.

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Erik and Virginia

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs continued to butt heads about his jealousy – and her infamous guy friends.

The couple started out by talking about their views on social media, passwords, and staying friends with exes. Needless to say, they didn’t share each other’s opinions on the matter.

Erik didn’t think Virginia should text with guys she used to have a romantic history with. He also didn’t want her liking her ex-boyfriends’ photos on social media – and, in fact, didn’t want her to be friends with them on social media at all.

Later, Erik and Virginia sat down with Dr. Viviana to discuss their marriage so far. They admitted that they had very different political views, and it was causing friction between them.

While Erik claimed he respected Virginia’s views, she admitted she struggled to accept their political differences. While they didn’t explicitly say this, it was fairly clear that she was liberal and he was much more conservative.

Erik also proclaimed that Virginia’s reticence to have kids might be a dealbreaker for him. He wanted kids – and he wanted them soon.

“If she doesn’t want them, I’m done,” he told Dr. Viviana.

Later, Virginia and Erik had a heart-to-heart about their future during a romantic evening together. Erik revealed that his jealousy stemmed from the fact that he had been cheated on in virtually every relationship, which “broke his heart” and made him question his worth. Virginia assured her husband that she would never betray him like that.

As for Virginia, she revealed that she was sometimes worried about having children because of what she’d gone through as a child. She explained that she often felt like she was a “pawn” in her parents’ tumultuous relationship after they divorced.

At the end of the episode, the Married at First Sight couple agreed to be more vulnerable with each other about their differences and problems in the future.

Chris and Paige

Naturally, Chris Williams and Paige Banks brought the drama as usual on the latest episode of Married at First Sight.

Paige told producers that, despite their agreement to start over as a married couple, Chris hadn’t been answering her calls. Still, she hoped he would show up to their scheduled meeting with Dr. Viviana.

Her prayers were answered. When questioned about his behavior so far, Chris told the Married at First Sight expert that he’d “kinda lost it” after getting married to Paige.

As for Paige, she said she was “devastated” by the revelations that Chris wasn’t attracted to her and that his ex was pregnant.

“It’s like, honestly, reliving a nightmare…It wasn’t what I anticipated coming here,” Paige said. Still, she told Dr. Viviana she wanted to give their marriage a shot due to her religious beliefs and the “covenant” Chris and Paige made with God.

In order to continue working on their marriage, Paige asked Chris if he could commit to one phone call once a day. But Chris refused, saying scheduled contact felt “forced.”

Dr. Viviana didn’t pull any punches, retorting, “Can I be honest with you? This is the least forced scenario I’ve ever seen.”

Finally, Chris admitted, “I just don’t feel like my heart is 100% in this.”

Eventually, however, Paige and Chris agreed to have dinner together and do Bible study. She considered their study session a “reset” for their marriage – but Chris had yet another bombshell to drop.

He explained that his pregnant ex, Mercedes, didn’t have reliable transportation.

“I wanted to ensure that she had transportation,” Chris announced, “so this week, I bought her a brand-new Benz just so she would be comfortable driving.”

Paige, who looked decidedly unimpressed by the revelation, wondered why the car needed to be brand-new. But, true to form, Chris had a response for that, too.

“Why shouldn’t it be brand-new?” the Married at First Sight star declared. “I’m bringing a king or a queen into the world, so they need to ride in a chariot.” (Paige did not look convinced.)

Clara and Ryan

This week, the problems between Clara Fergus and Ryan Oubre were mostly about sex. While Ryan said he wanted to build more “trust” and “comfort” with his wife before he would be ready to go all the way, Clara was more than a little sexually frustrated.

“Physically, we are taking things slow for Ryan, and I am not used to that,” she told Married at First Sight producers. “And I am learning that patience is not my forte. It’s his world. I’m just living in it. I’m just along for the ride – or lack thereof.”

As Clara and Ryan answered questions from the experts about their sex life, Ryan grew visibly uncomfortable. To a question about his sexual position, he answered awkwardly, “Normal?”

Clara wasn’t impressed. She explained that she hardly had sex with her partner in a previous relationship, and she wasn’t about to get into a situation like that again.  

“Having been in a relationship where I wasn’t desired or appreciated sexually, or wanted in any way,” the Married at First Sight star declared, “it worries me that this is something that is happening once again.”

When Ryan and Clara sat down with Dr. Viviana, Ryan called their relationship “very natural” and said he would have pursued a connection with her even outside of the show.

As for Clara, she admitted that she wasn’t sure they were “on the same page physically.” While Ryan reiterated his point about building a deeper foundation before getting intimate, Dr. Viviana wondered if he might actually be a virgin.

In a private meeting with the matchmaker, Clara confessed that she was most frustrated because she and Ryan were doing “everything else” except intercourse. Dr. Viviana suggested that Ryan try to go with the flow more and not “pump the brakes” when going forward with sex felt natural.

At the end of the episode, Clara admitted that she was worried she would ultimately hurt Ryan because sex wasn’t as emotionally meaningful to her as it was to him.

Haley and Jacob

Haley Harris and Jacob Harder were not in a good place on the latest episode of Married at First Sight. While Haley hoped they’d finally hit the “reset” button in their marriage, the couple admitted that their multiple arguments in just a few short weeks had left them both somewhat cold and distant.

Their meeting with Dr. Viviana was stressful and highlighted the underlying issues in their marriage. Jacob was especially upset that Haley had told him she had sex with him because she felt she was supposed to.

“She said she was just doing that because she got married and felt like she should,” he lamented. “That’s kind of why we got off on the wrong foot.”

Meanwhile, Haley confessed that she simply didn’t feel connected to Jacob.

“I connect with people so easily, and I just don’t [connect to him],” she told Dr. Viviana.

Haley also said she was never “super attracted” to Jacob. After she got to know him, she admitted, things only got worse – especially because she felt she was doing most of the work in their relationship.

Later, Dr. Viviana met with Haley alone. She challenged Haley to consider whether she was being overly picky about Jacob, as she’d admitted in the casting process that she sometimes was with guys.

But Haley said that wasn’t the case.

“I’ve just never dealt with something where I’m just not fully attracted,” Haley explained.

Dr. Viviana challenged Haley and Jacob to sleep in the same bed and kiss each other each morning and night to try to build intimacy. While Haley reluctantly agreed to the first stipulation, she said she wasn’t ready to be affectionate with her husband anytime soon.