‘Married at First Sight’: Why Did This Season 10 Groom Call His Bride ‘High Maintenance?’

While some couples on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight get through their honeymoons without a hitch, others hit rocky patches almost immediately. The latter was definitely the case for Meka Jones and Michael Watson of Married at First Sight Season 10, who didn’t even sleep in the same room until the last night of their luxury honeymoon in Panama.

Right away, MAFS viewers noticed that the D.C. couple might not be the best match. Meka accused Michael of displaying different behavior on-camera than when the couple wasn’t filming. Meanwhile, many fans thought Meka seemed cold and closed off to her new husband, maybe because of her lost trust.

On the Feb. 5 episode, Meka and Michael tried to reconcile and build a connection after a huge initial fight caused a days-long rift. But from the looks of it, even their plans for moving in together seemed like they might go awry.

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Meka and Michael spent most of their honeymoon apart

After Michael allegedly gave Meka an off-camera “ultimatum” for sex by the end of the honeymoon, Meka claimed she didn’t know Michael’s true motives for appearing on the show. While the other couples navigated their first days of marriage together, Meka and Michael slept in entirely different hotel rooms.

“This is not how either of us pictured our honeymoon,” Meka told Lifetime producers. “We wanted to use this to strengthen our bond.”

“Should I try harder to be friends?” she wondered.

On the advice of the three MAFS experts, Meka and Michael decided to spend the day together alone and work on building a friendship without the pressure of anything more just yet.

After a day of sightseeing and shopping together, the couple did seem to be a little more on the same page, although things were far from perfect at the moment.

The ‘MAFS’ bride finally laid down the ground rules for living together

After Meka and Michael agreed to try to reconcile, they headed out for evening cocktails and discussed moving in together after their honeymoon came to an end.

That’s when the Married at First Sight bride told Michael about her rules for “house etiquette.”

“Clean up after yourself. Just be a decent human being,” she began, adding: “Most of the bed belongs to me. You can have your little corner.”

Meka also told her new husband that she wanted his full attention as often as possible. “It is very frustrating to me when someone’s always on their phone,” she explained.

And the biggest rule? Not interrupting her sleep. “If you wake up earlier than me, please, whatever you do, do not wake me up,” she said. Meka added jokingly, “It’s easy to get dressed in the dark.”

Michael thought Meka’s rules were a bit much

Michael seemed to take Meka’s rules in stride, although he admitted they were a bit much. “It’s funny. Meka was so quiet,” the MAFS groom told producers. “And now I’m realizing Meka may be a little high maintenance.”

Still, he added that he would take what he could get after their first few days in separate rooms. “But I’m just happy we’re talking about our future together,” he said.

Rules aside, Michael told Meka he did feel a connection to her. “There’s something about you that makes me feel like you’re my person,” he confided in her. “You’re my girl. You’re my wife.”

The Married at First Sight couple spent their first night together on the last night of their honeymoon. Meka asked Michael to sleep in a bathrobe with a pillow fort between them, but hey, baby steps.