‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Teases 2 OGs Return for Season 8 and Talks Bravo’s Handling of Racial Injustice

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe from Married to Medicine revealed that original Bravo cast members Kari Wells and Lisa Nicole Cloud will return for season 8. 

Simone Whitmore, Jacqueline Walters, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb Lunceford, Heavenly Kimes, Contessa Metcalfe, Mariah Huq
Simone Whitmore, Jacqueline Walters, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb Lunceford, Heavenly Kimes, Contessa Metcalfe, and Mariah Huq |Mark Hill/Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“Kari is actually one of my neighbors,” Metcalfe told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “She lives very close to me and I used to see her at the gym all the time. But yes, she’s back. And Lisa Nicole is back.”

“So it’s fun to get to know some people who I didn’t know before,” she said. “But also for the fans who love and miss them. Now they get to see them.”

What about the rumors that Quad Webb and Mariah Huq may not return? “So there is a cast shakeup every year,” Metcalfe said, not giving a concrete answer. “And the challenge is always, I was in the military. I always say some of those kinds of inner workings are above my pay grade. But what I will tell you is that I think everyone brings something unique to the show.”

The medical team from ‘Married to Medicine’ deals with COVID-19

Metcalfe, who is a family medicine physician, has been treating coronavirus (COVID-19) and dealing with the misinformation surrounding the pandemic. “[People] just want to go back to the old days but it’s not happening any time soon,” she said. “So yes, it’s been challenging.”

“We just have to really be patient and understand that everyone has a different school of thought when it comes to addressing what’s going on in the world,” she added. 

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The physicians from the show were filmed making a trip to the March on Washington in August where they conducted testing and provided information about COVID-19. “That’s the good thing about this year, the show is doing a really good job of addressing what’s going on in the world,” she said. 

“And it was great because it was kind of the best way to kind of come to the people with this wonderful technology,” she added. “Because people are not getting the information. People are walking around infected and they just don’t know it. It was great to have a medical mission in the United States. We’ve never done that before.” 

‘Married to Medicine’ viewers will see how cast deals with 2020 challenges

Metcalfe said the 2020 election will also be included in the upcoming season’s storyline. “We did a big voter registration drive to just kind of get out to vote,” she shared. “I thought Bravo has been very socially conscious to chronicle what’s happening in the world parallel to what’s happening in our individual lives.” 

The Married to Medicine star added that she is pleased with Bravo’s response to racial injustice and the actions the network has recently taken. “A lot of the fans would have been just fine watching the shows,” she said. “So that was a choice [speaking out and dedicating air time to racial injustice]. And I’m happy they made it.”

“It’s true, all these big changes with the murder of George Floyd to the election,” she continued. “I mean an election only happens once every four years. And then, of course, a pandemic.”

Metcalfe recently partnered with Kleenex brand to increase awareness of cold and flu season amid the pandemic. She encourages vaccination, starting with the yearly flu vaccine. “When people get vaccinated there are less cases,” she remarked. 

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Metcalfe added that another way to stay safe is to keep Kleenex tissues nearby. She always has a box available, especially during COVID times. 

She found that some patients will automatically pull down their masks when they talk to her. “I keep that Kleenex brand tissue box there so I can just hand it to them,” she said. “So when they’re talking if they don’t feel comfortable putting their mask up, I’ll just have them there.”