Marvel Battle: Who Is Smarter, Iron Man or Moon Girl?

Tony Stark is a genius, everyone knows that. In possession of the Iron Man suit, Stark can become a superhero, but his origin story differs from a lot of other Marvel superheroes. Stark, similar to DC’s Batman, is a superhero partially thanks to his intellect and partly thanks to his incredible bankroll. There isn’t anything supernatural involved in his powers. While he was long believed to be one of the smartest, if not the most intelligent of Marvel’s superheroes, it looks like Iron Man has been dethroned, and that dethroning comes in the form of a 9-year-old elementary school student.

How Smart is Tony Stark?

Tony Stark is considered a super genius. His IQ would likely put him in the top .01% of the world’s population. Remember, he managed to build his first Iron Man suit out of parts he found in a cave. He’d have to be a mechanical phenom to pull something like that off. His engineering prowess is proven time and time again.

Iron Man cosplay at New York Comic-Con
A fan cosplays as Iron Man | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Stark, however, is only human. He may be one of the smartest human beings in the world, but he’s only considered the fourth most intelligent superhero in the Marvel Universe, according to CBR. Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, edges him out, and so does Richard’s daughter, Valarie. Both have superhuman powers, though.

How did Moon Girl come about her genius?

Moon Girl and Mr. Fantastic go head to head when The Fantastic Four raid her secret lab. Inside the lab, they find the head of DoomBot, an Mr. Fantastic takes to being, well himself. He lectures, and lectures and lectures some more, until he’s finally challenged by Moon Girl to a competition to figure out who’s the smartest. Moon Girl, who sometimes goes by her street name, Lunella Lafayette.

Lunella isn’t just an average 9-year-old super genius. That would be too easy. Lunella is part human and part inhumane, meaning she has more brains and more strength than the average human. This alone makes her smarter than most superheroes, but when you combine those traits with an incredible desire to learn and an experimental mind, all bets are off. It looks like Marvel wants everyone to know Moon Girl is the smartest around.

Who is smarter, Iron Man or Moon Girl?

Moon Girl and Iron Man share a couple of things in common. They are both inventors, they are both inquisitive, and they can both make something out of nothing. Both are incredibly smart, too. What they have in common, however, is not nearly as important as how they are different. Moon Girl is part inhumane, meaning she’ll always be smarter than human superheroes.

Moon Girl’s potential also remains unknown. As a 9-year-old she has a lot of growing and changing to do, meaning she’ll likely get smarter and smarter as she navigates Marvel’s universe and the villains that lie within it. Because of this, it’s safe to say Moon Girl is far more intelligent than Iron Man and likely will be the smartest superhero for some time to come.