Marvel Can’t Afford to Lose Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Anytime Soon: Here’s Why

Following the most recent negotiation between Sony and Disney — placing Tom Holland back in the MCU for another Spider-Man installment and an additional Marvel flick — fans have already begun worrying about distant Phases in times and galaxies far far away. 

As if this splurge of serendipitous news wasn’t enough, the excitement quickly segued into intrigue — as theories of what will come next began surfacing— which then, in orthodox fashion, quickly spiraled into a panic. The question at the heart of the widespread distress: how will Spidey be a part of the future Avengers team with only two more appearances left?

Tom Holland Spider-Man MCU
Tom Holland Spider-Man MCU | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Marvel/Disney and Sony have agreed to share Spider-Man; thus, he will be integral to Sony’s ever-expanding Spider-verse, and he will likely accompany Venom in a future installment. He will also continue to play a major role in the Avengers. However, this two-movie deal is just the start of negotiations to come. Disney has the money to manipulate a favorable outcome, and you can be sure that such is the intention.

Taking into account what the MCU has planned for Spidey — as well as Marvel’s current state of affairs — Feige cannot afford to lose Tom Holland’s Peter Parker anytime soon; thus, is you’re an MCU enthusiast worried about the web-slingers future in the MCU, don’t be. Marvel Studios knows how vital Spider-Man is at this point, and will not allow Sony to seize him for their sole success.

Why the MCU can’t afford to lose Spider-Man in a post-‘Endgame’ milieu 

With Captain America and Iron Man exiting the MCU simultaneously, Marvel must build hype for its new heroes on the back of its already existing saviors. Introducing new saviors, untethered to the pre-established universe, is essential for growth. However, if executed poorly, Marvel Studios will reinvent the wheel — come off as a money-hungry media conglomerate — and fail to pay homage to the franchise-building predecessors. 

Spider-Man and Tony Stark boasted a father-son dynamic throughout the Avengers saga and Parker is the strongest thread keeping Stark ever-present, despite his visual absence. 

Black Widow is another strong connection to Marvel’s original saviors, yet she is expected to bow out with the prequel coming this May, and Chris Hemsworth is expected to relinquish the mantle to Natalie Portman’ Thor in Love and Thunder. 

The problem: you cannot write out all of the OG Avengers and expect fans to hop on board with a whole new set of heroes who — without Spidey — will fail to receive the badge of approval from someone worthy of granting it.

Spider-Man is the bridge — connecting the new with the old. While Spidey hasn’t been around since the Avengers’ incarnation, the emotional ties the character has to Stark, as well as the narrative responsibility invested in the character and his comic book iconicity, function to grant Spidey by proxy access to their elevated status. Not to mention, based on Marvel’s reported plans, he will likely step into Tony Stark’s shoes as the only successor fans are likely to approve of.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may lead the Avengers team on earth

While fans know that Kevin Fiege has major plans for Captain Marvel, as she is set to become the Avengers’ new leader, it’s likely that Captain Marvel will lead in intergalactic missions, and that Spidey will hold the fort down on earth. 

According to a report by We Got This Covered, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man will be the faces of the MCU moving forward. Much like Tony Stark, insiders close to We Got This Covered informed the outlet that Parker will become the most well-known hero on earth, stepping into the challenges Stark faced balancing his public and personal persona while keeping those close to him safe.

Is this is Marvel’s plan, Parker has a great deal of character development left to go, and it’s likely that he will develop while stepping (or being thrown headfirst) into his leadership role on Earth. He will become the one to pass on the lessons he learned from Stark to the New Avengers.

Marvel cannot lose Spidey anytime soon because the plans for him are too expansive; his role in the Universe it integral to Marvel’s smooth transition into future phases; thus, further negotiations are indisputable.