Marvel: Why ‘Captain Marvel’ Doesn’t Deserve The Fan Backlash

It’s no secret that Captain Marvel is controversial, Yet does the superhero and the actress who portrays her, Brie Larson, deserve such backlash from Marvel fans? We would argue that the answer is no.

There are many reasons why Captain Marvel doesn’t deserve so much negativity. Despite its success at the box office, for some reason, the haters remain. We wonder why they’re so persistent. Yet we would argue that those who love the movie should be just as persistent.

Why Brie Larson doesn’t deserve the backlash

Brie Larson at Captain Marvel screening
Brie Larson at Captain Marvel screening | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for FIJI Water

We won’t get too into how and why there’s backlash, as we’ve already done so. Yet we can’t help but feel sympathy for Brie Larson. All she’s doing is her best, after all. We’re all human and all make mistakes. So even if she did make a mistake, she shouldn’t be judged based on it forever.

She is a talented actress and should be judged based on her work, not whatever comments she may have made. If we were all judged solely based on our mistakes, none of us would come out looking well. She should instead be judged based on not only her strengths as an actress but also her strengths as a person.

Larson is a great Captain Marvel and deserves credit for her performance. The movie shows how good she is, and clearly at least some fans agree, as the film made $1.1 billion at the box office. She is a special person and portrays a wonderful character, Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel.

Why Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel doesn’t deserve the backlash

Carol Danvers is an interesting, well-written character. She is strong and brave, a true hero. She never gives up, always picking herself up when she falls down.

Captain Marvel is also an empowering character for many women. She helps them feel like they too can be heroes. The movie itself is a breath of fresh air for many, and a milestone for Marvel. Since the film is the first female superhero solo film for Marvel, it’s very historic.

Why Marvel fans are only hurting themselves

In the end, Brie Larson is not the one who will be hurt by this. Marvel will not be hurt either. The hurt will come back to the critical fans themselves. Because they will be known solely for hating something and not all the wonderful qualities that they have. No one likes to be judged solely based on one aspect of their personality, whether they’re Brie Larson or a Marvel fan.

So fans, focus on what you love not what you hate. Because you are what you love, not what you hate. So keep loving.

Larson, as is mentioned before, will not be hurt by this negativity. She is an award-winning actress, having won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. She knows her talent. She is also known as one of Time’s most influential people of 2019.

Overall, Larson and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel don’t deserve such intense dislike. No one can please everyone, of course. Yet to be so harshly criticized isn’t fair for anyone. So let’s praise Larson for her good acting and not remind her of her mistakes. And let’s praise Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel for being a wonderful, strong, heroic character.