Marvel Characters Integral in the Comics but so Far Dismissed in the MCU

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to transfer several Marvel comic heroes and villains to the silver screen, some integral players have been dished to the fringes. Whether due to legal reasons or narrative continuity, the MCU has managed to avoid characters who — for all intents and purposes — are vital to their existing characters’ arcs in the source material. Below, find three characters who (up to this point) have failed to hold value in the MCU. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

1. Black Cat /Felicia Hardy 

Black Cat, also known as Felicia Hardy, is the daughter of an infamous cat burglar who follows in her father’s footsteps, as notes. After Hardy is raped by her boyfriend, she begins martial arts training and acrobatics classes — intending to use her newfound skills to seek revenge on a deserving individual. 

Hardy later encounters Spider-Man, after discovering that her boyfriend was killed in a car accident, and he convinces her to use her new combat prowess to take down the baddies. 

Though Felicity Jones portrayed a version of Felicia in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, the MCU has yet to feature the character post-Sony/Disney negotiations. If the character joins, the MCU will have a Catwoman type character at their disposal — as she shifts between fighting alongside and against the heroes, yet boasts an interesting kinship with Spidey. Introducing Felicia would bring some much needed gray zone morality into the MCU landscape, and possibly open the opportunity for a different sort of romance for Peter Parker. 

2. Beta Ray Bill: Is he coming?

While rumor has it that Beta Ray Bill may make an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, such news has yet to be confirmed. Thus, as of now, the character has still received the short end of the stick in the MCU, despite boasting strong comic book ties to the God of Thunder. 

Beta Ray Bill, at one point in the comics, acquires Thor’s powers, and he is deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir, making him Thor’s equal. A series of events leads to both characters fighting side-by-side after first fighting for the sole right to wield the weapon and the Thunder God’s powers. Stormbreaker is Beta Ray Bill’s weapon in the comics books. 

3. Rick Jones

Rick Jones is integral to Hulk’s origin story; meaning, the likelihood of the MCU finding a way to incorporate this character (without jumping into past timelines) seems a bit low. Not to mention, the situation with universal and the rights to the character remain disadvantages; hence, Banner’s character arc traces multiple mash-ups, as opposed to a standalone franchise. 

Banner was transformed into the Incredible Hulk when he saved Jones’ life; Jones rode his motorcycle into the testing area for the Gamma bomb Banner created, and Banner saved him before it was too late. However, Banner became the Hulk as a result. Jones is also connected to Captain Marvel, which is why his absence feels so odd, as he is vital to multiple Marvel characters’ stories.