Marvel Characters Who Have Defeated Wolverine

Though the X-Men are a superhero team, one hero among them seems to consistently lead the pack, both in film and comics — Wolverine. Logan ended the big-screen saga of the iconic character as played by Hugh Jackman — a big-talking, battle-scarred tough guy with adamantium bones and mutant healing powers.

To celebrate the impending end of an era that began with the first X-Men film in 2000, we’re counting down the most memorable times in Wolverine’s storied history that he suffered defeat despite his invulnerability.

1. Deadpool

Deadpool and Wolverine - art for Marvel Comics

Deadpool and Wolverine | Marvel Comics

Who can win in a fight between invincible fighters? Both Wade Wilson and Wolverine are blessed with healing powers that have made their many face-offs truly unpredictable. Each hero (or anti-hero?) has won his fair share of fights. But in one memorable instance, while Wolverine’s healing abilities were still recovering from an encounter with Magneto, Deadpool outlasted his handicapped opponent, and eventually defeated him by stabbing his lungs with a sword.

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