Marvel Director Says Sony Is Making a ‘Tragic Mistake’ With Spider-Man

You could look at the Marvel-Sony split with Spider-Man as one of the most scandalous divorces in Hollywood history. The Russo Brothers think so as well, and Joe Russo is recently speaking his mind about how bad this split could be for Spider-Man fans. With Sony still adamant they can make a great Spidey movie without Marvel involvement, Russo is more skeptical.

Is he right not having Kevin Feige at the helm will doom any future Spider-Man movies to mediocrity? It’s worth exploring this a little more in-depth and whether certain creatives are a major crutch for specific movie franchises.

The Spider-Man franchise’s business marriage was hard

Tom Holland
Tom Holland | Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

It appears the marriage between Sony and Marvel/Disney to keep Spider-Man in the MCU was also akin to marriage therapy. According to Joe Russo’s recent interview, Marvel was lucky Disney managed to wrangle such a great deal for so long since it was already hanging by a thread.

He’s been saying all along we should feel fortunate the stars aligned for such a brief period to bring Spider-Man in a creative, big-screen form. Many fans, though, just look at the entire debacle as a money grab on Disney’s part. More than a few fans say the studio finally proved money really is the root of all problems, including our own superhero entertainment.

Not that Russo is taking this lightly. He thinks the whole thing is a creative tragedy. He’s also said not having Feige involved will prove tragic to the Spider-Man franchise at Sony. Deciding whether he’s right will determine just how resourceful a studio can become when their feet are on metaphorical hot coals.

It might be good for Sony to feel creatively scared

We’ve seen many examples throughout the history of artists under political or personal pressure usually churning out something great as a result. The stakes couldn’t be higher for Sony, which sounds kind of surreal in a time when most studios seem overly complacent about creating anything original due to easy box office returns.

You could say Marvel is in a more dangerous place there because of how easy it is to turn a profit on anything made within the MCU. One could argue Spider-Man might have drifted creatively staying at Marvel due to the ongoing success.

Others would argue against this simply because Marvel always puts a lot of hard-working detail and creative care into their films. Or, perhaps we really should give credit to Feige for being the singular reason behind this. If not for him, the new Tom Holland edition of Spider-Man might not have been so great.

What could Sony possibly create now that they’re basically under duress to duplicate what Feige managed to do so brilliantly?

Sony is confident in its Spider-Man franchise

After Russo made his comments about Sony possibly being on the losing end, Sony Picture chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra spoke up and said no Spider-Man fan should worry. He points directly to the blazing trails Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse made in shifting the direction of the character and in animation techniques.

It’s possible they’ll find some creative way to integrate that new franchise with Holland’s edition, making for a truly interesting mashup. Perhaps, in the end, we’ll be seeing Holland in a Spider-Verse animation guise, essentially presenting his Peter Parker in an all-new way.

Everything is in place for endless creative possibilities, making Russo’s comment overly safe thinking based on a set precedent. Let’s reiterate: When your back is against the wall, precedents can be quickly broken with new and exciting ideas.