Marvel Fans are Turning Household Items Into Captain America’s Shield — Some Are Good Enough to Eat

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. It’s not clear if things will ever get back to the way they were just a few short months ago. One thing is certain, however. With most of the United States and other countries stuck at home, people are desperate for something to do

That’s where social media comes in. It’s been a godsend in these troubled times. Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, people from all over the world can share their ideas for indoor activities. Even some companies are getting involved, like Marvel Studios. 

Marvel is issuing challenges to fans

Chris Evans speaks onstage
Chris Evans | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

To keep fans busy, Marvel has been posting challenges to fans. The posts request that fans complete some kind of project and post about it on social media. Using the hashtag #MarvelChallenge, fans can really get into the task. 

At the end of the challenge, Marvel shares their favorites, crediting the users of course. The tasks help keep fans busy while making sure they’re still engaged with the Marvel Universe.

The shutdown has been hard for Marvel. The studio decided to delay the release of one of its most anticipated blockbustersBlack Widow. While the delay may have been a bummer for some fans, it could be financially crushing to the studio

Big budget movies typically cost around $200 million to make. Considering this one stars big names like Scarlett Johansson, it’s not likely they were able to come in much under that.

Other new movies, like Pixar’s Onwardhave gone straight to on demand viewing services. But Marvel won’t do that with Black Widow, probably because it would make the film a huge financial failure.

They’ve delayed the release until November 2020. Until then, the company has to find a way to keep fans engaged. The Marvel challenges, as well as their robust social media presence, will help with that. 

People got really creative with the #MarvelChallenge

The most recent Marvel challenge asked fans to “create Captain America’s shield using ONLY safe household items and materials.” The challenge gave fans one week to post their best recreation of the shield. Fans got in to it. Many created more than one version of the shield, with some fans making four or five versions out of different material. 

One fan shared knitted Captain America shield hats she made for her nephews. Others made shields out of cardboard and paint. Another user posted photos of her Capitan America nail art. 

Even though the favorites Marvel chose were great, they don’t seem like the most creative examples of the hashtag. Marvel chose two cut paper creations, and two of painted cardboard to post on their Marvel Entertainment Twitter account. That meant they left out other amazing creations, including painted trash cans, Captain America soap, and a ton of edible shields. 

Some shields will contribute to the ‘quarantine 15’ 

Again, being tuck inside means that most people are looking for something to do. Sometimes that means excessive snacking. There’s been a lot of talk about people coming out of quarantine with a few extra pounds packed on. Chrissy Teigen already admitted that she’s gained “double digit” weight during the past month or so. 

So naturally, the best shields were food based. One fan posted Capitan America sushi rolls, pies, and cookies. All from one user. That’s a lot of quarantine snacking. Other fans posted multiple food shields as well. One made shield pancakes and shield cookies.

Another made an amazing petit cake with a shield design on top, and a latte with an incredibly detailed Captain America drawing in the foam.

Although the user doesn’t say how they did it, it looks like there may have been colored sugar involved. 

It’s great to see fans come together during this difficult time. Who knows what fans will come up with for the next #MarvelChallenge?