Marvel Fans Can’t Believe the Morbid Way Captain America Almost Died

We all know death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a relative process since anyone can be revived based on everything from the Soul Stone to the Quantum Realm, not including the Stark Gauntlet and Infinity Stones. Some of the deaths look final for now, though, even if some of the characters are somewhere in the middle.

Chris Evans (Captain America)
Chris Evans (Captain America) | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Steve Rogers/Captain America is in that in-between by disappearing into the past and ultimately living on, hence creating a parallel world or one where he exists twice during the 2010s.

According to a recent Comic-Con revelation from Marvel, there was a different plan on what would happen to Captain America. The original idea was to kill Cap in a very gruesome way some fans think sounds like DC territory. Maybe Captain America really will die in a future MCU film.

Recapping the approach to death in recent Marvel movies

Not many MCU fans like seeing a favorite superhero have a grisly, final death. Even though many of the characters already bit the dust (literally) in Infinity War, we all saw the power of the Stark Gauntlet and Infinity Stones in reviving many of them thanks to Hulk.

You may have noticed Captain America/Steve Rogers was not one of the ones who died then. The screenwriters (and producers) of these films, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, obviously wanted to have some other kind of future denouement for Cap different from the others.

Little did anyone know time travel would be the ultimate fate for him, even if it wasn’t really a finality.

Brewing in the back of Markus and McFeely’s creative minds was something far more sinister for Captain America in Avengers: Endgame. Rather than go this horrific route, they didn’t shy away from their specific method of death for the central villain.

What did Markus and McFeely have in mind for Captain America’s death?

According to the writers during a recent Comic-Con appearance, they revealed Captain America would have his 2014 head decapitated by Thanos and brought to 2023 to taunt Rogers. In addition to this, Thanos would kill all the Avengers during the same time period.

Fans were initially shocked hearing this idea and imagining how this would have played out. When someone on Reddit posted this story, the response was one of disbelief they ever cogitated on the idea considering they would have had to go over Disney studio “heads.”

One fan responded: “For real. Can you imagine being in the theater and that happened? I would’ve jumped out of my seat.”

What might make this ironically funny for some is the idea of imagining Markus and McFeely taking this idea to Disney suits and having the executives say “no decapitations.” Ultimately, they did have a decapitation, albeit Thanos’s head thanks to Thor and Stormbreaker.

Will there still be a death for Captain America in a future film?

A lot of fans were satisfied seeing Steve Rogers escape to the past and be able to live out his life with Peggy Carter. This isn’t to say there won’t be a chance to see Captain America again someday, if maybe not Chris Evans playing the role.

Then again, don’t count him out returning since we’ve already heard about a new Thor movie being green-lit, not including maybe a Cap Disney Plus series. The question is, in what guise will we see Captain America? Will we see the death of Steve Rogers as an old man in the current time, or is there an alternate/young version to explore in a modern sense?

If they complicate too much and kill off Captain America somewhere along the timeline, it could lose all sense of logic. More than likely, Captain America will live on without seeing a shocking death. Having him in time limbo at least offered a creative way to temporarily write him out without it meaning a demise.