Marvel Fans Can’t Stop Laughing at This Hilarious ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Mistake

Photoshop has been one of the biggest curses in image design, even if its original use was to help make photo editing easier. As we’ve seen, it’s been abused in making waists on models look smaller, and in easily reversing images when needed.

When it starts being used in movie poster design, it literally cheapens the work that once went into promotional marketing. It appears to have happened with recent posters for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Reddit users have called this out and noted one major mistake with an image of Nick Fury. In a time when we’re all calling out overlooked media mistakes, should movie posters go back to classic design methods to avoid embarrassing digital errors?

What’s the big deal about Fury’s eye patch on recent ‘Spider-Man’ posters?

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC

According to one Reddit user, two Spider-Man: Far From Home promotional posters seen in public locations had Nick Fury wearing his eye patch on one eye or the other. The Reddit topic title was inevitable: “So which eye did he injure?

Seeing a title like that is enough to make you realize this was a Photoshop disaster par non-excellence. Taking the cake are all the hilarious replies on the Reddit page. No one can resist poking fun at a major poster blunder when it’s coming from an A-list franchise like the MCU.

One user comment even joked maybe Spider-Man: Far From Home will have Fury’s eye patch move from eye to eye throughout the movie to keep audiences on their toes. This is an old joke, and similar to one Mel Brooks used in his 1991 Robin Hood parody Men in Tights. In the film, Prince John (played by Richard Lewis) had a mole that moves around on his face in ensuing scenes.

We know the MCU should have better quality control. Nevertheless, how did they overlook such a blatant mistake in a promotional poster?

Promotional posters for major films used to have more careful attention

Any of you old enough to remember an earlier era of film, you will probably remember the top-tier aesthetic of movie posters. Many of those posters were painted by hand by a recurring team of famous artists celebrated during the era.

Many movie posters were done this way up until about 20 years ago when Photoshop became the go-to digital tool for all imaging. You can see a huge difference between a movie poster designed in the 1970s or ’80s to ones you see in more recent years.

Nowadays, many are clearly slopped together with digital design software. Even if some posters somewhat mimic the basic structure of iconic movie posters, you can see a lack of care in the details.

Reversing images has become one of the most abused Photoshop features as well. Despite being used so an image fits more appropriately in an allotted space, it often looks strange when it’s so obviously backward.

Samuel L. Jackson was not pleased with this mistake

You never want to tick off Jackson, no matter if he’s more cool-headed than the characters he plays (like Fury). He didn’t hesitate to call out this poster faux pas on his Instagram account. There was no mincing of words either, using his favorite F word to modify his dismay.

Most took this as a facetious post, yet we know he takes the role of Fury seriously. Having Jackson blasting the error should make every design artist using Photoshop as a crutch bury their face in embarrassment.

From our perspective, we think Jackson really was irked, not including serious fans. Photoshop has become a true menace in recent years (along with excessive CGI), and there may be a rebellion for digital artists to stop abusing them.

With 20 years of Photoshop use, though, it’s not going to be changed overnight. Keep watching your local movie posters so Reddit pages can keep existing.