Marvel Fans Reveal the All-Time Worst MCU Movie

Marvel Studios — raking in billions of dollars alongside positive critical and audience reception — is quite the phenomenon in this film age. As streaming services take over, franchises are the new silver-screen standard. And, when it comes to a franchise, the MCU takes the gold, for no one has done it better than those behind the 22-film Avengers saga. However, we’re here to discuss the worst MCU movie ever; there are already enough posts celebrating the studio’s vast accomplishments.

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Marvel Studios | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

While Infinity War and Endgame are, arguably, two of greatest superhero narratives told on the big screen, not every MCU movie has been up to par with the penultimate and final installment.

If you take the time to browse through various discussions concerning the most disappointing MCU installments, a few trends emerge. Fans tend to lean towards three films, with particular emphasis on one, when discussing the worst MCU movies. So, let’s start from the most bearable, and make our way down to the least satisfying.

3. ‘Iron Man 3’

As critics often note, Iron Man 3 was quite “ambitious.” Working to balance snappy, witty commentary with an intricate, yet obvious twist, the film’s execution was a bit messy and lacked the meticulous crafting needed to stick the landing. When fans comment on this movie, they tend to argue that it lacks the “rewatchability” factor. One Marvel fan stated:

I’m gonna probably get hate for it but Iron Man 3 has almost no rewatchability for me. I hate the way the anxiety issue was handled. I love that it exists. But hate how it resolved. I hate how Tony treats that kid. He’s a d*ck for no reason, and the jokes are just hurtful jabs that make him seem like a…horrible person. The Mandarin Twist will never be ok. And the whole plot seems stupid and unnecessary.

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Others chimed in to agree with the above statement while adding that Tony Stark’s whole costume change routine got old after a while. The fan stated:

I really dislike Iron Man 3. Decent story but Tony hopping in and out of suits was kind of annoying after a while.

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When it comes to Iron Man 3, it wasn’t the weakest link, as Robert Downey Jr. always delivers a convincing performance as Stark; however, the downright silly twist and, sometimes, tonally incongruous vibe, took viewers on a long rollercoaster ride, ultimately ending with an unsatisfying drop.

2. ‘Thor: The Dark World’

It should come as no surprise that the God of Thunder underwent a personality makeover following this installment; to this day, this film is considered one of the MCU’s greatest missed opportunities. Aside from some action-packed sequences and a little bit of humor, the Marvel film failed to reach that jaw-dropping sense of magic the other Avengers often conjure up. One fan noted: 

Dark World hands down. Other films have their faults but the combination of lazy writing, the lack of depth to Malekith and Portman’s unprofessionalism in this one undermines all the good things it has going.

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Many fans would describe Thor: The Dark World as a lazily written film featuring a lack of chemistry between its main characters. Others comment on the “convoluted plot and uninteresting villain as two major drawbacks. 

1. ‘The Incredible Hulk’: the weakest link in the MCU

When compared to other Marvel films, The Incredible Hulk pales in comparison. With a “puny” narrative, as the critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes argues, the movie just falls flat. One fan noted that, overall, The Incredible Hulk isn’t a disaster; it’s just not all that entertaining. The fan stated:

The Incredible Hulk. It’s not that I think it’s a bad film just boring in parts. Plus it’s incredibly (no pun intended) annoying how it’s not Mark Ruffalo, making it hard to rewatch.

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Considering Bruce Banner was recast, and the MCU never took a shot at another standalone Incredible Hulk film, this movie’s poor reception speaks for itself. Many fans chimed in, simply stating “Incredible Hulk” when asked to provide their least favorite MCU movie (as if no explanation was needed).

Crafting a Hulk smash that isn’t cheesy and creating the man who says “you won’t like me when I’m angry” in a watchable manner is daunting, and Norton does a decent job with a disappointing script; however, the character left too much to be desired in the modern comic book to screen space.