Marvel Fans Think Robert Downey Jr Deserves an Oscar for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – Where You Can Sign the Petition

Avengers: Endgame may be the best selling moving of all time, but Marvel fans are seriously worried that the movie’s lead, Robert Downey Jr., will get snubbed at this year’s Oscars. Disney has already launched several campaigns for the Academy Awards this year, yet Downey’s name is not among the studio’s “For Your Consideration” list. Fortunately, Marvel fans have the actor’s back and have officially started a petition to get Iron Man’s name on the Oscar ballot.

Marvel Robert Downey Jr Oscar
Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ star Robert Downey Jr. | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Marvel fans start a Robert Downey Jr. petition

In light of Disney’s campaign, petitions have sprung up all over the place to get Downey a spot in the Academy Awards. Most of the petitions are pushing for the Endgame star to get nominated for Best Actor — and they are starting to gain some serious momentum.

“Robert Downey Jr deserves an Oscar for his great performance in each Marvel movie and deserves credit for starting the biggest film franchise currently,” one petition reads.

According to Complex, Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who directed Endgame, also believe Robert Downey Jr. is worthy of a nomination. The two emphasized that Downey’s role in the film should not be downplayed just because it is a superhero flick.

“It’s certainly as difficult as it gets — without question,” Russo shared. “I don’t know if I have ever seen — in movie history — a global audience react to a performance the way they did to Robert Downey in that movie.”

The director added that people around the world were moved to tears by Downey’s performance as Tony Stark. If that doesn’t win an Oscar, then what will?

Unfortunately, the Academy has not announced any nominations for the 2020 Oscar ceremony. To make things even worse, Disney did not put Downey’s name in the running for the prestigious award.

The studio did, however, put several people from the movie up for consideration. This includes Best Picture (Kevin Feige), Best Director (Joe and Anthony Russo), and Best Cinematography (Trent Opaloch).

There is no telling if Marvel will win any nominations, but it would be a shock if they went home empty-handed, especially considering the global success of the move.

How many have signed Downey’s petition?

The petition to get Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination was started several months ago. But it only recently garnered attention from the media. So far, the petition in question has only managed to get 2,000 signatures, so it could definitely use a boost in the coming weeks.

Marvel fans can find the petition on So join the fight and let’s see if we cannot get Downey the Oscar nomination he deserves.

Superhero movies, of course, rarely get nominated for an Academy Award, so fans have their work cut out if they want the Academy to seriously consider adding Downey to their list.

One of the only movies in Marvel’s lineup to receive an Oscar was last year’s Black Panther, so just receiving a nomination is a big deal. In total Black Panther got seven nominations and took home three of those awards.

But even if a million people sign the petition, what are the chances that Downey gets a nomination?

Will Robert Downey Jr. grab an Oscar nomination?

Downey definitely has an uphill battle ahead of him if he wants to win an Oscar nomination. But there are good arguments for the veteran actor getting a nod at the award ceremony.

For starters, Endgame busted the records at the box office. If any movie is worthy of an Oscar nomination for best actor, surely it is the film that sold the most in theaters in the history of the industry.

Not only did Downey lead the movie with another dramatic performance, but he has also been the driving force behind the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past decade. After all, his 2008 movie, Iron Man, kicked off the universe and his character has been a Marvel staple ever since.

Endgame was also Downey’s last time playing Tony Stark on the big screens. The Academy has awarded actors in the past during their final outing in a franchise, so it is possible that Downey sneaks in.

If Downey is nominated for Best Actor, this will mark his third time in the running for an Oscar. The actor’s most recent nomination was for Tropic Thunder. While we think Downey’s chances are good, the only actor to actually win an Oscar for a superhero flick is Heath Ledger, which was awarded months after his tragic death.

Robert Downey Jr. has not commented on the petition to snag him an Oscar.