Marvel Fans Think This Disney+ Show Will Cause Major Changes in the MCU

The level of powers given to Marvel superheroes has to be carefully chosen, even if it means tweaking them somewhat to fit logically into the MCU narrative. While some people think the new Brie Larson version of Captain Marvel is technically the most powerful of all the current superheroes, there may be more to come to supersede her.

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Scarlet Witch is one who has very significant powers, proving useful in battling villains as well as being problematic at times. With WandaVision hotly anticipated on Disney+ for 2021, this edition of Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen) has some serious abilities many fans are debating over. Many think her powers are a little too much and could lead to some significant changes in the MCU.

They don’t call her Scarlet Witch for nothing

Those who remember seeing Scarlet Witch in Marvel comics decades ago will remember she didn’t have all the powers the current cinematic version has. In the beginning, she just had the ability to perform hexes on people to help out in certain situations. During later incarnations, we found out her witchcraft ability is more or less innate due to her family history.

Wanda later utilized powers like reality warping and teleportation as just a couple. When MCU created the Elizabeth Olsen version of Wanda, they gave her telekinesis and telepathy abilities, which were not inherent and instead acquired by Mind Stone exposure.

Adding these two powers alone already makes her like a true superwoman. In some people’s eyes, that might mean a little bit too much power and not enough weakness for liabilities.

Reddit has been on this case recently, with a lot of users giving some reasoned answers to a slightly more logical theory. Latter is thus: Wanda’s other ability of being able to alter reality could wreak havoc on the entire MCU soon.

Perhaps the real weakness of Wanda is facing tragedy

As some users note on Reddit, Wanda lost a lot of her beloved friends at the end of Endgame. This included Vision (basically her lover), plus all her Avenger friends. She’d also lost her brother (Quicksilver) in The Age of Ultron. While she might appear calm by the end of Endgame, you have to think she’s going through a lot of mental trauma.

Some think this could be the best thing to play up in WandaVision as a way to weaken her abilities. We don’t really know if facing extreme trauma and depression would affect her powers. Yet, imagine how “human” that would be to make Wanda far more interesting.

Despite the cast saying we should expect WandaVision to be a sitcom parody-comedy that slowly becomes a gigantic MCU movie, giving her superior powers will only create less tension in whether Scarlet Witch can lose a battle.

On the other hand, there are ways to avert telekinesis and telepathy if you have a mad scientist enemy.

Evolving Scarlet Witch

The good news (as one user on Reddit points out) is we know Wanda isn’t like Thanos. Outside of her ability to shape or change reality, she isn’t going to use it for anything other than a very good reason.

Unless we ever see her go bad, which would go against everything Marvel stands for in upholding comic book tradition. What WandaVision has up its sleeve is still a mystery since they don’t even start filming until this November.

If Wanda Maximoff does somehow change the MCU profoundly for the future, we hope she reins it in so her reality bending doesn’t make things too wonky to a point of mass confusion.