Marvel Leak 2/1: How the MCU Plans to Tackle the Fantastic Four

When it comes to the Fantastic Four, Fox has many a time butchered the family of heroes; shooting for a humorous yet loving dynamic between the intergalactic explorers, the comedy often fell short, and the narratives were largely misguided. 

And if one poorly-received franchise wasn’t enough, the same studio tried again in 2015, with a whole new cast and a whole new group of unsatisfied fans and critics. Often too unrealistic for the silver screen or too distant from the vibe inherent to the comics, the Fantastic Four didn’t transfer to the screen convincingly. So, it should come as no surprise that Marvel Studios is committed to getting it right. 

Fantastic Four Marvel
Marvel ‘Fantastic Four’ | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

When Kevin Feige and Co. bring the Fantastic Four into the MCU, you can expect that meticulous planning will lead to the proper blend of source material nostalgia and cinematic scintillation. So, what does the MCU have in store? According to a recent report from Marvel insider Mikey Sutton, the MCU plans to bring the family of saviors back to their roots — focusing on their galactic explorations. 

What the MCU plans to do with the Fantastic Four

Taking to his group, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, with the latest MCU scoop, Sutton shared Marvel’s intentions to steer clear from Fox’s erroneous installments. He stated:

…Marvel Studios will not make the  same errors. No writer or director has been selected yet, but talks have  begun on possibly how the FF will be brought onto the big screen in epic fashion. Inside sources have told me that the current plan is to bring the FF back to basics, finding their essence and what makes  them different in the MCU. First, they are not a team like the Avengers; they are a family, and that’s something which will be emphasized in this franchise.

Secondly,  they are not Avengers; they are explorers. Each Fantastic Four movie will find them journeying into strange lands, worlds, or dimensions…

Mikey Sutton

First and foremost, the Fantastic Four will become the travelers that they were originally depicted as. Meaning, they will not come onto the scene as superheroes — developing superhero competencies and tendencies overnight. They will debut as voyagers who happen to find themselves gifted with powers after an extraordinary incident. Watching the Fantastic Four travel to strange lands and dimensions may present opportunities for mash-ups; however, their identities as scientist will be established sufficiently prior to their butt-kicking skills.

The MCU will also stress the Fantastic Four as a family. As opposed to the Avengers, who became a family, the Fantastic Four will debut with the built-in trust, respect, compassion, love, etc that the Avengers came to possess for one another over time. 

How will the Fantastic Four join the MCU? Will ‘Ant-Man 3’ introduce the team?

According to Sutton, Marvel Studios also plans to tinker with the origin story a bit, regarding how the Fantastic Four come to acquire their powers, which will impact how they enter the MCU. Sutton stated:

What they’re  talking about is the FF acquiring their powers while on a mission into  the Negative Zone. Whether the Negative Zone is actually the Quantum Realm remains to be seen but the possibility of that is high; if so, that could place their introduction in Ant-Man 3.

Mikey Sutton

If the negative zone happens to be what fans already know as the Quantum Realm, Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man may be the man who brings this superhero soiree — in need of a fresh take — to the forefront of the Marvel landscape.