Marvel Leak: Did Scarlett Johansson Just Hint We’ll See More ‘Black Widow’ Movies?

One of the losses that fans had to suffer through at the end of Avengers: Endgame was the death of Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. Fortunately, they don’t have to say goodbye for good just yet, because there’s still a stand-alone Black Widow movie to look forward to.

It’s a prequel in the series, set after Captain America: Civil War and before Black Widow’s untimely death in Avengers: Endgame. Black Widow fans feel like it’s about time she got her own movie.

Scarlett Johansson attends the 2019 ELLE Women In Hollywood.
Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow in the MCU. | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

But something Johansson said recently has gotten people buzzing. Is it possible that she was hinting that Black Widow is getting more than a single movie?

Did Marvel give Black Widow enough attention?

True Black Widow fans have felt that the mysterious Natasha Romanoff deserved her own movie long ago. She’s appeared in the series since Iron Man 2, and there have been many hints about her complex story.

But while her male counterparts repeatedly got their own movies, she kept appearing in a supporting role, even though she was often the smartest person in the room. Then came her death in Avengers: Endgame. 

Black Widow and Iron Man both died, and her sacrifice made his possible. And yet, at the end of the movie, there is a dramatic memorial to Iron Man/Tony Stark, and no real mention of Black Widow. Co-director Joe Russo said that the reason for that was that Iron Man wasn’t going to be in any more movies, while a Black Widow movie was on the way.

For frustrated fans, this wasn’t a very satisfying explanation. When would Natasha Romanoff finally get some respect?

What did Scarlett Johansson say about ‘Black Widow’?

But then came an unexpected comment from Johansson herself. While she was giving a speech at the 2019 event Elle Women in Hollywood, she spoke about the fact that the soon-to-be-released Black Widow was the first Marvel movie that was produced by one of the actors.

Then she referred to it as a “standalone franchise,” making people everywhere give their screens a double-take. Franchise? As in “a collection or series of related films?”

It is possible that the new Black Widow movie is just the beginning. Consider this: Marvel is already doing a prequel that breaks from the chronological timeline. As such, if Black Widow is a blockbuster then they could continue telling Black Widow’s stories.

What is next for ‘Black Widow’?

One of the things we know about the new film is that there are multiple Black Widows. It turns out that Natasha was a part of a program to train women to become unstoppable assassins. Will there be a series of movies that track the lives of different women from the program? It’s hard to imagine another Black Widow as riveting as Johansson.

Another theory is that this is an opportunity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore the idea of a multiverse. This is the theory that there are many parallel universes, and that each of us lives many different lives in different dimensions. Perhaps the new Black Widow franchise will follow the parallel lives of different Natashas — but probably not the ones where she ended up living a boring life. 

All we really know for sure at this point is that there is a movie coming in May of next year that will tell us more about the enigmatic Natasha Romanoff, and how she became Black Widow. Whether that one movie multiplies into more, and how they could expand the story remains to be seen. But fans can be certain that Marvel knows how to shock and amaze their audiences, and Black Widow is a superhero who is definitely interesting enough to take us on a wild ride.