Marvel Leak: Iron Fist to Join MCU Via ‘Shang-Chi’ Franchise

Though opening to decent audience reviews — despite critical condemnation — Netflix’s Iron Fist was canceled after two seasons. Many argued that the show got better with time —eventually finding its footing and grasping what it takes to be a successful Marvel series on Netflix — but, unfortunately, it was a bit too little too late. However, it may be time for fans of the series, and of the character, to consider rejoicing. 

Iron Fist
Iron Fist | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Netflix

Though all Marvel leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, Mikey Sutton’s most recent leak, posted to his facebook page, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, argues that Iron Fist will be making his way into the MCU. There’s only one drawback for fans of the original actor behind the title role: the MCU plans to recast the character and start from scratch with his origin story (in a fashion similar to how Marvel managed Hulk and War Machine).

What we know about Iron Fist joining the MCU 

With the Phase 4 slate out in the open, leaks concerning Phase 5 (and intricate Phase 4 details that have yet to emerge) are sprouting up everywhere. However, several MCU fans are curious as to Feige’s plans concenring Netflix Marvel characters (especially now that Disney+ is prepped to launch). As for one of those characters canceled too soon, Sutton shared the following scoop: 

SCOOP – 10/30/19: In the geek media, the speculation and scoops has been on when Daredevil will make his theatrical debut in the MCU. Forgotten in all this noise is the Rodney Dangerfield of Marvel’s ex-Netflix Defenders: Iron Fist.  What will happen to Danny Rand? According to insiders, Iron Fist is headed to the movies via the Shang-Chi franchise. Iron Fist will be recast a la Terrence Howard being replaced as War Machine by Don Cheadle and Edward Norton phased out as the Hulk by Mark Ruffalo.

When they present his origin again, he will have the budget and top-drawer writing/directing he didn’t receive on Netflix. While Marvel’s Netflix programs were generally well-received, they really Bucked up with Iron Fist. As in showrunner Scott Buck, who Bucked up the first season and also Inhumans. Marvel Studios sees a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris rivalry here, and an kick-ass fight between martial artists for quite possibly Shang-Chi 2.

Mikey Sutton 

Will Iron Fist fight X-Men’s Sabretooth in a Disney+ series? 

Following Mikey Sutton’s post, Lords of the Long Box took to YouTube to announce the second half of the major scoop, and according to the outlet, Iron Fist may receive his own Disney+ series following Shang-Chi 2.  

Considering Shang-Chi 2 is quite far off, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings isn’t scheduled to premiere until February of 2021, we can expect to wait a while for confirmation and casting rumors to start surfacing. However, if the leak turns out to be true, the main villain being eyed for the Iron Fist Disney+ series is Sabretooth. 

From Iron First and Shang-Chi appearing in a movie together to Iron First snagging a series on Disney+ (to compensate for the Netflix debacle), fans should be quite content.