Marvel Prepping Green Goblin Entrance into the MCU Following ‘Spider-Man’ Negotiations With Sony?

Spider-Man is an essential ingredient in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Paying tribute to Stark’s legacy as he hones his technological prowess and comes to cope with his revealed identity, the character will forge forward, introducing new Avengers while holding onto the thread connecting him to the OG saviors. 

Green Goblin in Spider-Man MCU
Spiderman and Green Goblin characters perform during a preview session of ‘Marvel Universe Live’ | Medios y Media/Getty Images

Spider-Man will come to be the face of Marvel — especially with Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) no longer in the picture. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Marvel was committed to striking a deal with Sony, keeping the beloved web-slinger in its ever-expanding filmic landscape. 

Following the Sony/Disney negotiation, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man walked away with two more MCU appearances: a third Spider-Man film and an appearance in another MCU installment, presumably a highly-anticipated mash-up. 

While rumors abound insist that the mash-up will feature the Fantastic Four or Captain Marvel, it’s also quite likely that the team-up will feature several Avengers battling the Green Goblin. Considering the Green Goblin seemed like a shoo-in a while back, fans may presume, with this new deal, he will come to the front of Feige’s mind once more. 

Is the Green Goblin joining the MCU? 

Let’s dig up a little bit of history to see how likely a Green Goblin presence in the MCU is. Remember when Marvel was seeking an actor to play a “mysterious and nefarious” character named the “The Benefactor?” The role called for a male, preferably caucasian, actor in their 40s to 60s. While this description fits a few individuals, fans flocked to the internet claiming Norman Osborn, as a handful of semi-reputable insiders came forward to confirm the presumption. Thing’s got even more certain across time. 

A few months back, We Got This Covered released a story claiming that Marvel has “big plans” for the Green Goblin in the MCU. According to Industry Insider, Daniel Richtman, the villain was destined to come to the forefront as a major threat. Richtman stated:

Norman Osborn is gonna be the Lex Luthor/Joker (when in Green Goblin mode) of the MCU. They have big plans for him. He’ll be more important to the universe than Spidey. IF Sony will renew their contract with Marvel that is. And I’m pretty sure they will.

With J. Jonah Jameson back as the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Bugle from the original Spider-Man series, why can’t the Green Goblin return to wreak havoc on Spidey and his soiree of super saviors? 

Given that Spidey has one more solo movie and a mash-up confirmed, it’s likely that Marvel will follow through on its alleged previous plans, as the villain is one of the most iconic Peter Parker foes. Osborn is a character fans would love to see Tom Holland’s Spidey face off against. While all remains to be seen, an entire Spidey franchise sans Goblin sounds a little disappointing.  If all the previous rumors were true, let’s hope that the hunt for an adequate Green Goblin presumes now that Holland is back in his rightful home. They could always just ask Willem Dafoe…