Marvel President Kevin Feige Won’t Be Taking Over This Disney-Owned Company

Trying to prognosticate the future trajectory of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is one worth speculating on since he’s in one of the biggest seats of movie industry power.

Feige is now acknowledged as the true creative heart and soul of the MCU movies. He’s so revered of late that everyone practically had a breakdown when the Disney-Sony split initially occurred and everyone thought he wouldn’t be involved in more Spider-Man films.

Of course, things were mended (for now), and Feige’s golden path is now even more paved in gold. With reports he’ll be creating a Star Wars film, all the rumors lit up about him possibly taking a larger role at Lucasfilm.

Let’s take a minute to sort these rumors out and whether he really has a better chance of becoming an executive at Disney.

There isn’t necessarily trouble within Lucasfilm

Kevin Feige on the red carpet
Kevin Feige | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

Kathleen Kennedy has truly mastered running the giant behemoth known as Lucasfilm since Disney acquired the company. Having a woman at the helm has obviously helped improve the Star Wars franchise, despite at least one controversial choice in hiring Rian Johnson.

For those who support the new creative directions for the Star Wars trilogy, Kennedy is considered a true rock in cementing the future of Lucasfilm. However, with Feige becoming such an influence at Marvel, speculation has run rampant he might take Kennedy’s job eventually.

All speculation about that can be thrown out the window, reportedly, because Kennedy isn’t going anywhere. Let’s also consider how bad that would look in a powerful man taking over a powerful woman’s position. Besides, Kennedy has done more than enough good for Lucasfilm to prompt her staying there. She’s also signed on for another year as studio head.

The only thing we wonder about is how well Feige will work with Kennedy. Considering anyone that doesn’t go along with the Star Wars code has been canned recently, let’s hope Feige doesn’t try to exert his power a little too much to a point of causing creative tension.

Is there a potential for a creative clash at Lucasfilm?

Even though Feige has more than proven himself as a creative force to be reckoned with at Marvel, collaborating with another branch of Disney-owned studios always opens doors to creative differences. We’ve seen evidence Kennedy keeps the Lucasfilm brand tightly guarded and won’t allow any outside creatives to shift things their own direction.

We’ve clearly seen that with fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller after they tried to make Solo different from what Kennedy wanted. Now we’re seeing this again with Game of Thrones showrunners Benioff and Weiss after a much-publicized report of them stepping in to make new Star Wars projects.

In the case of Benioff and Weiss, they may have also gone over the edge in wanting to take their films to a place Kennedy wouldn’t allow. What would happen if Feige attempts the same thing?

Perhaps Feige respects tradition since he is a reported fan of the original trilogy. If Lucasfilm wants to keep finding success on the big screen, we say they need to connect new films to the original trilogy characters as much as possible for an emotional connection.

Feige may really be groomed to take a higher position at Disney

Other rumors have percolated in recent months about Feige maybe being in line to take the Chairman role at Disney Studios, now headed by Alan Horn. Some say Horn is planning to retire, which would make Feige a logical replacement.

Then there’s always the speculation Feige could even become CEO of Disney once Bob Iger steps down in the next couple of years. There may be some silent grooming for this now.

Should this happen, Feige would have all the power to do whatever he wanted. Not that we ever think he’d abuse his power, something Bob Iger himself kept in check.