Marvel Rumors: ‘Captain Marvel 2’ May Introduce Two New Characters Into the MCU

Earlier in the week it was rumored that Disney had lost confidence in Brie Larson and might scrap Captain Marvel 2 because of it. Well, the rumors appear to be false. Captain Marvel 2 seems to be in the works still, and Brie Larson is still seemingly signed on to play Carol Danvers. The story of Captain Marvel 2 was expected to tie Spider-Man into the story, but with Sony talks now at a standstill, Disney will need to go a different route to tell their story. One theory is that the production company will introduce a couple of new characters into the storyline to keep things interesting. One is a hero, and one is a supervillain.

Veranke is expected to make an appearance

Veranke is rumored to be making an appearance in Captain Marvel 2. With the loss of Spider-Man as a useable option, it’s argued that Veranke will take on a massive role in the upcoming flick. According to We Got This Covered, Veranke is expected to impersonate Carol Danvers, as she once impersonated Spider-Woman.

For those not up on comic book supervillains, Veranke is the queen of the Skrull empire. While she has not appeared in a feature film just yet, she did appear in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, an animated series that ran for two seasons. The show initially aired on Disney XD from September 2010 until May 2013.

What role will Veranke play?

Veranke’s role in Captain Marvel 2 has not been confirmed, and it’s hard to figure out the plot points that will be used to tell her story. Inverse speculates that Veranke’s inclusion in the MCU can only mean one thing – a Skrull invasion.

Since Veranke, in the comics, famously manages to impersonate Spider-Woman, Disney’s incarnation of Veranke may follow the same plot points, albeit with some changes. Disney is clearly attempting to differentiate itself from Sony, now that talks have broken down, so it’s unlikely that they’ll lift the exact storyline from the books.

A Skrull invasion, however, has been hinted at for several films, and its likely Phase 5 will include some form of the attack. If that turns out to be accurate, and it happens to debut in Captain Marvel 2, we can assume that Veranke will play a leading role in that situation.

Richard Rider might be joining the MCU

Rumors have swirled for months that Richard Rider would be joining the MCU. Chatter began back in August 2019 and claimed that Marvel Studios was looking into crafting a solo film that included the character of Richard Rider, better known as Nova.

According to Bounding Into Comics, the Russo brothers set the comic book world on fire when they claimed Richard Rider was present in The Avengers, but no one noticed it. Joe Russo later retracted the statement, alleging he was messing with fans, but that’s all people needed to start speculating about Rider’s inclusion in future films.

The rumors about a solo film never seemed to pan out, but if Veranke is going to be included in Captain Marvel 2, Nova may be drawn into the storyline. Marvel Studios has not commented on the rumors, and they likely won’t anytime soon. Captain Marvel 2 is not currently in production and even the most liberal release rumors have the film slated for a 2023 release.