Marvel Rumors: Is Disney Still On Board With Brie Larson?

Rumors are swirling that Disney is losing confidence in Brie Larson as Carol Danvers now that Spider-Man is no longer a useable option. According to reports, which are based on a YouTube video, Disney has lost confidence in the franchise now that they have to scrap plans to connect Larson’s character to Spider-Man. As everyone may recall, Disney and Sony are embroiled in a bitter battle over Marvel characters, and it looks like Disney won’t be getting the chance to use Spider-Man in the MCU anytime soon. With all that being said, is there any weight to the rumors?

How many films does Brie Larson have left in her Marvel contract?

Sure, rumors are swirling that Disney might not be entirely on board with Larson, but everyone needs to calm down. Disney, nor Larson, nor Marvel have weighed in on the rumors, indicating that there probably is very little truth to them.

Brie Larson attends the 'Avengers: Endgame' Asia Press Conference
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Inverse notes that the YouTuber who initially broke the news has refused to reveal their source, indicating that the “insider” wishes to remain anonymous. It’s hard to verify the validity of the claim considering an insider could be anyone from a studio executive to a cameraman to a set gofer. It’s hard to figure out just how much information this “insider” has, if the insider exists, at all.

Larson’s contract alone should give Captain Marvel fans a little relief. Larson has five films left on her contract and its unlikely that that requirement will be left unfulfilled. In October 2018, Collider reported that she had signed a deal for seven films. Avengers: End Game and Captain Marvel have both been released, leaving five movies left on the contract. Captain Marvel 2 will likely serve as the third film on the deal. There is no word on how large of a role Larson needs to play in a movie for it to count towards her title count.

Brie Larson’s workouts suggest that Captain Marvel 2 is still on

While there is very little to indicate that the rumors are true, there is plenty of clues that suggest that stories are entirely false. In August 2019, Cinema Blend reported that Larson was already getting into shape for her upcoming role. Larson got into top form for her role in Captain Marvel. She shared her progress via Instagram with the world.

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While Captain Marvel 2 has no official release date, Larson isn’t sitting on the sidelines. She continues to post plenty of footage of her workouts. She may be just staying in shape, but fans seem to think her training schedule is associated with the upcoming film. After all, the lack of production date doesn’t mean the movie isn’t going to happen. It just isn’t going to happen in Phase 4. Regardless of when the film gets made, Larson looks more than ready.

Is there any proof that Captain Marvel 2 is being scrapped?

While there has been no official word on the fate of Captain Marvel 2, and more specifically, Larson’s involvement in the franchise, naysayers are pointing to a couple of pieces of circumstantial evidence to suggest the film might get scrapped by the studio. Promotional material and a lack of an official production date are the most cited clues.

Disney fans have been awaiting the arrival of Disney+ for months. The company behind the streaming platform has been offering promotional information as the wait draws to a close, but a significant change occurred over the last few days. Captain Marvel was removed from promotional material and replaced with Iron Man and Star Wars promo posters. Those who believe the studio has plans to end the franchise point to the removal of Larson’s image from promotional material as a clue.

The fact that Disney has remained quiet on a release date also indicates there might be a problem to some critics. While Marvel and Disney have been pretty transparent about upcoming films, they purposefully left out information about Captain Marvel 2. While that fact is correct, there might be a good reason for it. Captain Marvel 2 is not planned for Phase 4, and will likely appear in Phase 5 instead. The company may be waiting to completely clear out Phase 4 before they start announcing dates for the next installment of the MCU.