6 Marvel Superheroes That People Just Can’t Relate To

For the most part, Marvel Comics characters are regularly praised for their relatability to readers. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is Spider-Man, since the character is depicted as an average teen who has to grapple with homework (see: Tom Holland’s take in Captain America: Civil War) just as often as super-villains. However, despite the fact that many Marvel heroes are grounded enough that fans can identify with them, there are several within the company’s canon that are memorable specifically for how they are not relatable. Although some of these superheroes may be fan favorites, their general essence and appeal isn’t tied specifically to an emotional thrust that will necessarily connect with fans.

1. Thor

Thor in Marvel Comics

Thor in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

As an Asgardian god, Thor is an easy candidate for this list. Sure, his sibling rivalry — putting it mildly — with Loki and sense of responsibility to defend the realms he call home are elements that could ring true for some fans. However, his supernatural powers, royal status, and general otherworldly aesthetic establish him as a distinct figure in the Marvel universe. No matter how charismatic Chris Hemsworth may make the character on the big screen, it’s easy to say Thor is by far the least “human” of the core Avengers.

2. Wolverine

Wolverine in Marvel Comics

Wolverine in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

Yup, even though the most popular X-Men character is essentially immortal, he’s still not immune to our list. The adamantium-clawed Wolverine is a badass of the highest order, and Hugh Jackman’s movie version has only made the character more widely beloved. Yet, his incredible healing factor, bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold act, and military ties don’t exactly make him the easiest Marvel figure to connect with. Granted, the alienation he feels as a mutant has real-world significance, but there are tons of other X-Men characters who more accurately reflect that conflict.

3. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

Believe it or not, this gun-toting, trash-talking raccoon is a prime candidate for the criteria we considered when identifying unrelatable Marvel characters (shocking, right?). In fact, it’s the bizarre nature of the character that makes him so popular in the first place, whether it’s on the comic book page or as voiced by Bradley Cooper in James Gunn’s 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy. His tree-like counterpart Groot could have just as easily taken this spot, but Rocket manages to barely squeak ahead to claim this spot on our list.

4. Deadpool

Deadpool in Marvel Comics

Deadpool in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

Like Wolverine, the Merc with the Mouth possesses powers — and a certain talent for quips — that most fans would be dying to have. Still, aside from his love of chimichangas, there’s not a whole lot about Deadpool that fans can point to and relate directly to their own life. His 2016 film managed to convey a deeper complexity wherein the dark sense of humor masks insecurity and pain, but Deadpool is better known for his carefree, ultra-violent nature than his gooey emotional center, no matter how much we all want to be in Ryan Reynolds’ shoes right now.

5. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics

Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

This cosmic character is comprised entirely of a metallic material and has been known to reluctantly serve Galactus in his consumption of planets. So, unless we’re missing some game-changing information, it’s quite likely that most fans won’t see a ton of details in the Silver Surfer they can identify with. Rather, the character appears to be an example of pure escapism incarnate, ushering fans to another world entirely with a single maneuver of his signature surfboard. Even though Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was a disappointing, we’re still hoping to see this hero get his own film adaptation someday, if only because we can imagine the spectacle involved.

6. Vision

Vision in Marvel Comics

Vision in Marvel Comics | Source: Marvel

Thanks to Avengers: Age of Ultron, mainstream moviegoers are very familiar with the android, who aids Earth’s mightiest heroes and has emerged as a key member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s marquee team. With no true human origin to speak of, Vision is perhaps one of the most sci-fi-heavy characters on this list. This is not to say that the character falls flat in any way. However, he comes across more as a noble, virtuous ideal to strive for rather than a flawed figure with whom fans can relate, much like Superman.

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