Marvel’s ‘Punisher’: A New Trailer and Everything Else We Know About the Netflix Series

2. ‘The Frank Castle you find in this story is not The Punisher’

The Punisher - Daredevil Season 2, Netflix and Marvel

The Punisher in Season 2 of Daredevil | Netflix

The quote you see above is pulled straight from a recent interview Jon Bernthal did with Awards Daily, running through Season 2 of Daredevil and his own journey with the character of Frank Castle. In it, he refers to the place in Castle’s timeline the Punisher series will pick up, hinting at more of an origin story than a continuation of his Daredevil role.

Bernthal goes on to note how Castle will be “reeling from the loss of his family. He’s driven by rage and is on a singular mission to find these people who took his family from him, and do it as brutally as possible.”

Knowing that, it’s likely we see Frank Castle at his most violent, before Matt Murdock restores his sense of humanity at the end of Daredevil‘s second season.

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