Marvel’s ‘Avengers’: How 1 Change In the MCU Would Have Transformed the Battle of New York

As we learned, through parallel Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines, other superheroes had been on active duty before The Avengers assembled into the team we’re familiar with from the movies.

The reason they weren’t a part of Nick Fury’s superhero team isn’t quite explained, but you can imagine how different the New York battle would’ve been and how the Marvel universe future would take on a whole new direction than what we saw in the theaters. Screen Rant┬álays out just how that could have happened.

What superheroes missed being part of the original Avengers team?

The cast of Avengers: Endgame
The cast of Avengers: Endgame | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Captain Marvel was working hard at fighting evil long before The Avengers even came together. Her connection with Nick Fury could easily have earned her a spot on the team since she was the most powerful superhero Nick had come across to date. All he had to do was page her, and she would come running.

While we didn’t see it in the first movie, the Endgame revealed that the Ancient One was at the battle of New York, fighting on her own in a different part of the city.

Since Dr. Strange hadn’t come into his role yet, the Ancient One possessed the stone that Hulk went back in time to retrieve. On a different note, the War Machine who suited up alongside Tony in Iron Man 2, was absent from the battle with no clear explanation from the Avenger movies. However, an Iron Man 3 comic book puts him in Hong Kong fighting the Ten rings organization while The Avengers were off saving New York.

The last two possibilities were Hank Pym and Ghost. Hank, being the original Ant-Man, was a consultant in S.H.I.E.L.D before he broke off from them and started Pym Technologies. Nick should have been privy to Hank’s history as the original Ant-Man and brought him on, at least to help with the New York battle.

Ghost, after having a quantum accident in her youth, became a part of S.H.I.E.L.D under Bill Foster’s care. Because of the abilities, her accident caused, S.H.I.E.L.D used her as a stealth operative, much like the Winter soldier was for HYDRA. Nick should also have known about her as well and used her talents for good in The Avengers Initiative.

The alternative outcome of the New York battle

Having Captain Marvel on the team would have been a game-changer. The most powerful superhero could take down the Chitauri’s mothership on her own, long before officials ever fired the nuke. While she was busy with that, the War Machine could’ve doubled the defense in the air, since his suit had a lot of the same equipment Iron Man’s did.

The two of them, patrolling the perimeter of the city, from the air, could have kept many of the enemies from escaping to other parts of the world.

Using her powerful magic, the Ancient One could send all the enemies, or at least a large group of them, into a mirror realm, ending the battle almost immediately after it began. The Ghost could’ve taken on the responsibility to protect the citizens using her quantum-based power, while Ant-Man, using the giant-man feature, wreaked havoc with the Chitauri.

What the future of The Avengers alternate storyline would look like?

If those members had joined The Avengers, initially, the future would have gone in a much different direction. With more power protecting the space front, and on the ground, Tony Stark wouldn’t have been so quick to build Ultron. His friend, James Rhodes, the War Machine, would focus on The Avengers, and steer clear of Iron Patriot, the Military’s answer to Iron Man.

With the Ancient One as an Avenger, Dr. Strange would’ve been a part of the team long before the infamous battle against Thanos. Hank Pym would not likely have gone on as a superhero, but he might’ve stayed behind the scenes, working on his daughter’s Wasp suit, possibly, so she could join the group as well. Also, the Ghost would never have gone bad, because The Avengers would take on the task of figuring out how to control her powers without jeopardizing her life.

It’s interesting to see just how close we were to a different Marvel universe storyline. Of course, having all that power at our fingertips so soon, we wouldn’t have all those movies to look forward to seeing. But, then again, is Iron Man and Black Widow still alive in that alternate Marvel universe? We can only hope.