Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’: 11 New Spoilers From the Latest Trailer

Marvel’s collection of Netflix shows has never failed to impress. Through Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, we’ve been presented with a different kind of superhero universe, focused more on insightful character development than bombastic special effects. Last up on the roster before the Defenders team-up series later in 2017 is Iron Fist, and a brand new trailer from Marvel has all sorts of intriguing details on what we can expect.

1. Iron Fist will start its story from the middle

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist | Netflix

Much like how Daredevil introduced a version of Matthew Murdock that was already fully trained and ready to fight crime, Iron Fist‘s Danny Rand will be in a similar place in his own life. The opening of the trailer shows a haggard Rand walking into what’s presumably his family’s multinational business, having been MIA since he was lost in a place crash over a decade ago. Rand Enterprises is apparently in new hands now though, and Danny appears to be persona non grata as a result.

2. A Batman-esque origin story

Danny Rand's family in Iron Fist

Danny Rand’s family in Iron Fist | Netflix

It’s hard not to draw parallels between Danny Rand and Bruce Wayne. Rand’s origin (at least in the Netflix series): His parents, the wealthy heads of a thriving corporation, die tragically when he’s just a child. Danny then disappears, is trained to be a ninja by an order of warrior-monks, and reappears years later to fight crime and save his city from corruption. There are, of course, some notable differences as well, but it’s worth pointing out the similarities nonetheless.

3. Colleen Wing will play a significant role

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing | Netflix

The initial teaser for Iron Fist gave us a brief glimpse at Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing. Now, it’s clear that she’ll play a decent-sized role, acting as Danny Rand’s partner in crime fighting. In the comics, Wing is an integral part of the Heroes for Hire, wielding a 1,000-year-old katana blade passed down through her family. She’s seen wielding a similar blade in the latest trailer, fighting both alongside Rand and independently.

4. Danny Rand’s brutal training in K’un-Lun

Iron Fist trailer

Iron Fist | Netflix

If you thought Matt Murdock’s rigorous childhood training regimen with Stick was intense, just wait until you get a look at Danny Rand’s. Stranded in the mountains of K’un-Lun following a plane crash, a young Danny is taken in by an order of warrior-monks, who eventually groom him to hold the title of Iron Fist (more on that later). That grooming doesn’t look like it was at all easy either, especially if the painful lashing Rand takes in the above frame is any indication.

5. Harold Meachum will be the most prominent of Iron Fist‘s many villains

Harold Meachum - Iron Fist

Harold Meachum | Netflix

Back during San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada revealed that “Iron Fist has probably more villains in our first season than any of our other shows.” We have a good sense for who some of those villains might be, and at the forefront will be Harold Meachum. In the comics, Meachum is responsible for the death of Danny Rand’s parents, having taken over Rand Enterprises in the process. He’ll serve a similar role in the Netflix series, albeit with an interesting twist …

6. Madame Gao will be the one pulling the strings

The shadow of Madame Ga - Iron Fist

The shadow of Madame Gao | Netflix

Madame Gao has long been teased at as a mystical puppet master, having first appeared in Daredevil‘s debut season. She’ll return for Iron Fist, this time tugging at the strings of Harold Meachum. If the theory about her being Crane Mother (a big bad from the Iron Fist comics) ends up being true, her role will only continue to grow as Marvel’s Netflix universe expands. She shows up at least a couple more times in the latest trailer too, hinting at a much larger presence than anyone originally had anticipated for her.

7. A tease at another iconic nemesis from the comics

Iron Fist trailer

Iron Fist | Netflix

The mysterious symbol in the above frame has appeared more than once in Marvel’s collection of Netflix shows. It first surfaced in Daredevil, branded onto the drugs sold by Madame Gao’s operation, working in tandem with Wilson Fisk. Now that it’s shown up again, we feel reasonably certain that it’s indicating the arrival of an iconic villain from the Iron Fist comics: Steel Serpent.

In Marvel’s comic lore, Steel Serpent is the primary adversary for Danny Rand. His main goal revolves around stealing the power of the Iron First, having failed to acquire it himself years ago. Whether he’ll have those same ambitions in the Netflix series is anyone’s guess, but it’ll be a treat to have him enter the fray all the same.

8. Lewis Tan as Zhou Cheng

Zhou Cheng and his twin axes - Iron Fist

Zhou Cheng and his twin axes | Netflix

The title of Iron Fist is one that’s been passed down over generations. Across those generations, Zhou Cheng has been the one who’s tasked with killing each iteration of the hero, having done so for upwards of 75 years. Martial arts movie star Lewis Tan has been cast in the role, and although IMDb only credits him for a single episode, we’d be surprised if that was all we got to see of such an important villain in the Iron Fist canon.

9. Becoming the Iron Fist

Danny Rand - Iron Fist

Danny Rand in Iron Fist | Netflix

It’ll be interesting to see how Netflix translates Danny Rand’s superpowers in a live-action format. In the comics, he becomes the Iron Fist after plunging his hand into the molten heart of an evil dragon. This in turn, gives him the ability to punch through virtually any surface, infusing him with mystical powers manifested in his yellow glowing fists. The new trailer shows us the extent of those powers, as Rand knocks out walls, blows up rooms with a single ground-punch, and is generally pretty damn destructive.

10. Echoes of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Iron Fist trailer

Iron Fist | Netflix

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon numbers itself among some of the most influential martial arts movies ever made, and we can see echoes of it in Iron Fist. Above, we have a rainy sword fight with choreography that bears the DNA of Crouching Tiger, continuing Marvel’s proud tradition of innovative and exciting fight scenes.

11. Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple

Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple in Iron FIst

Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple | Netflix

Across Marvel’s first three standalone Netflix series, Claire Temple is the only character who’s appeared in every single one. That trend will continue in Iron Fist, with Claire once again showing up to lend a hand to our titular hero. Given her working relationships with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdock, it’s really just a matter of time before Danny Rand meets his fellow Defenders.

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