Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’: All the Spoilers From the First Teaser Trailer

Marvel’s steady stream of Netflix series has proven itself to be an intriguing corner of their larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While paring down their network TV offerings, they’ve continued to expand on the streaming service, giving us a collection of uniquely stellar heroes we’d likely never see anywhere else. Next on the docket for Marvel on Netflix is Iron Fist, releasing on March 17. The casting of Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) as the lead, mired the show in controversy in the lead-up to its production, but not even that could overshadow the exciting first trailer, unveiled by Marvel at New York Comic-Con.

1. Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing - Iron Fist

Jessica Henwick in Iron Fist | Netflix

Colleen Wing isn’t a widely recognized character in Marvel lore, but she’s still integral to the Iron Fist arc all the same. In the comics, she’s a key member of Heroes for Hire, the agency originally established by Luke Cage and Danny Rand. She’s most known for wielding a 1,000-year-old katana inherited from her grandfather, having mastered traditional Samurai combat skills.

Henwick joins the cast as the second Game of Thrones alum, having already played Nymeria Sand on the popular HBO series (lead actor Finn Jones is the other). We’re not entirely sure how Wing figures into the greater story, but the trailer prominently features her at multiple junctures, making it seem as though she’ll be an important character when it’s all said and done.

2. One of our hero’s most iconic villains

Harold Meachum - Iron Fist

Harold Meachum | Netflix

In the original Iron Fist comic series, Danny Rand’s quest in life is to exact revenge on one man: Harold Meachum. Meachum was the business partner of Rand’s father, Wendell. On a journey to the mysterious city of K’un-Lun, he forces Wendell to fall to his death off the side of a mountain. After the rest of his family perishes, Danny trains to become the Iron Fist for the better part of a decade, and returns to New York to kill Harold and avenge his father. IMDb tells us that David Wenham will be playing Meachum in Netflix’s Iron Fist, and the above frame clearly shows a view of him from the back.

3. Daredevil‘s Madame Gao

Madam Ghou - Iron Fist on Netflix

Madame Gao | Netflix

Madame Gao wasn’t exactly the main villain in either season of Daredevil, but her significant role as a mystical puppet master has been teased at frequently. We still don’t know who exactly she is, or what her plans are, but her presence in Iron Fist gives us a huge clue toward that end. Many theories posit that Gao is in fact Crane Mother, who in the comics is known as one of Iron Fist’s primary adversaries. Wai Ching Ho’s performance as Gao has been a highlight throughout Daredevil‘s run, playing off a perfect combination of sinister and secretive. Getting more background on her character in Iron Fist affords the series a massive advantage, while giving her a much-deserved larger stage.

4. Diving into Danny Rand’s origin story

Finn Jones as Iron Fist

Finn Jones as Iron Fist | Netflix

Unlike his other Netflix counterparts, Danny Rand’s story doesn’t begin and end in New York City. Much of his origin is rooted in his spiritual journey through East Asia, and based on what we saw in the trailer, we’ll get a good look at that. We already know Doctor Strange will open up that corner of the MCU with its November 2016 release, forming what should be an obvious connection between the Marvel movie-verse and Iron FistIf the above frame of Rand meditating on a snowy mountaintop is any indication, that connection will be a strong one.

5. Danny Rand harnesses the power of the Iron Fist

Iron Fist - Netflix

Iron Fist | Netflix

Marvel Comics’ original story for how Danny Rand become Iron Fist tells us how he “plung(ed) his fists into the molten heart of the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, infus(ing) the dragon’s superhuman energy.” It’s not exactly the easiest thing to adapt into a TV series with a limited special effects budget, but it’s still not entirely impossible. Rand traditionally wields his power by concentrating his body’s natural energy into his clenched fists, emitting the same yellow glow we see above. This enables him to punch through everything from metal to concrete, albeit while significantly draining him for days at a time.

6. Iron Fist’s trademark tattoo

Iron Fist - Netflix

Iron Fist | Netflix

In terms of imagery, there’s nothing more instantly recognizable in the Iron Fist mythology than his dragon tattoo. Danny Rand first acquired the tattoo in his battle with the dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying, signifying his role as the one, true Iron Fist. The symbol represents a proud line of heroes who have donned the title, dating back centuries into the past.

Netflix’s Iron Fist will include at least some of that mythology, unveiling Rand’s tattoo in the closing moments of the trailer. It’ll be interesting to see if they roll with a similar background story for how the symbol ended up on his chest, given that dragons haven’t exactly been a part of the MCU up until now.

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