Was ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Canceled Due To Forces At Marvel Itself?

Marvel’s Runaways tells the story of a group of teenagers who find out that their parents are evil. These teens witness their parents sacrificing a young girl and their lives are upended. The only good thing about the whole situation is that the teens have each other. Many of them also realize they have abilities of their own.

Karolina Dean, one of the teens, finds out that she can glow and fly and has superpowers. Molly Hernandez also has powers. She has superhuman strength and this regularly comes in handy when trying to fight against their parents and other threats. Gert Yorkes, Molly’s adoptive sister, doesn’t have powers but she has a connection with a dinosaur — yes, a dinosaur — that her parents created to protect their family.

Chase Stein has talents with inventing. He invents a weapon that the teens are able to use against those who threaten them. Nico Minoru has a staff that she steals from her mother, which is able to protect and attack when necessary. And finally, there’s Alex Wilder, who mostly uses the power of his brain to help the group.

Unfortunately for Marvel’s Runaways fans, the show has been canceled. But why? Could it be due to forces at Marvel itself?

What happened with ‘Marvel’s Runaways’?

Marvel's Runaways cast (Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virgina Gardner, Gregg Sulkin, Ariela Barer, and Allegra Acosta). Marvel's Runaways is now canceled.
Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Gregg Sulkin, Ariela Barer, and Allegra Acosta at the Marvel’s Runaways panel at New York Comic Con 2018 | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

Yes, Marvel’s Runaways is canceled. Yet how it was announced is surprising. A trailer was released for the third season, which confirmed that it would be the show’s last.

The trailer seems to show an action-packed third and final season, with the teens facing bigger problems than just their parents. The trailer also teases the crossover with Cloak & Dagger, a show that was also canceled recently. The group of runaways will have to deal with Morgan le Fay, who seems to want to take over the world, as well as the alien race that Jonah belonged to.

Why was ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ canceled?

It’s hard to know for sure, yet it’s definitely possible that it has something to do with Marvel itself. According to Screen Rant, Marvel’s Runaways being canceled could be part of a larger change at Marvel. This change is most likely happening because Marvel wants its TV shows to have more of a connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as a whole.

This change comes as Kevin Feige’s role at Marvel is expanding and head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb may be leaving. This seems to suggest that Marvel wants to tie its movies and TV shows closer together. That would make sense for the company, but unfortunately, it has to come at the expense of shows like Marvel’s Runaways and Cloak & Dagger.

What are fans saying?

Fans are, of course, upset that the show they love has been canceled. One fan on Twitter says that “Marvel canceling all its TV projects is super annoying. Runaways was just canceled…I guess we all lose with this nonsense. Shelving good TV content seems stupid.”

Another fan adds that the show “provides great representation” and pleads for Disney+ to save it. Unfortunately, that is probably unlikely. Though you never know, fans have saved shows before.

Hopefully, the third season of Marvel’s Runaways will have a satisfying conclusion for fans. Though it may not make up for the show being canceled, at least it will go out in style.