Marvel’s ‘Runaways’: Fans Think They Know Which Kid Is Possessed

Now that Runaways fans have digested the news that their show only has one season left to go, they’re left with one final mystery — which character is the one unwittingly hosting an alien?

Fans have narrowed down which characters likely have and which likely have not had an alien jump inside them, and the key to the answer may be the most reliable of all when it comes to comic book movies and shows — the comics themselves.

Last time on ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ 

Marvel's Runaways cast
The cast of Marvel’s Runaways | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Hulu

When season 2 ended, our heroes started to have the upper hand. Stacey (Brigid Brannagh) and Dale (Kevin Weisman) destroyed Jonah’s ship, which had been trapped beneath the earth in Los Angeles. We didn’t have only Jonah to worry about, though. Jonah, his wife and two kids survived by jumping into the nearest bodies at hand – and those included the Runaways. 

We know for certain that Jonah took over  Victor’s (James Marsters) body, while his wife is possessing Stacey, and their daughter jumped into Tina (Brittany Ishibashi). So the cliffhanger question is, where has Jonah’s son gone?

While the aliens haven’t taken over their hosts completely, they’ve gradually increased their level of control. For the time being, they’re in control enough to try to figure out where Jonah’s son ended up since he didn’t hitch a ride, so to speak, with one of the parents.

That left one of the kids. Can they figure out which one before it’s too late?

Ruling out and ruling in the Runaways

When we last saw Karolina (Virginia Gardner)  and Chase (Gregg Sulkin), Jonah already had them in his healing tubes as “food” for future jumps. Gardner gave interviews at the New York Comic-Con about how trying it was to spend long hours filming scenes involving those tubes. It wouldn’t make much sense for an alien to take over someone who is already trapped, so scratch them off the list. 

Gert (Ariela Barer) also seems unlikely, given that this would come to the attention of Old Lace with their telepathic connection. It could be that Jonah’s son went there because they wouldn’t expect him to go there, but there are two candidates who are more plausible.

That leaves Nico (Lyrica Okano), Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) and Molly (Allegra Acosta) as the likely but unlucky hosts. Fans think Alex is likely because in the Runaways comics, he betrays the team at one point, and an alien host could very well drive him to do that.

As Bustle put it in their roundup, “he’s way too calm at the end of the season.”

All good Marvel things come to an end

The final season of Runaways drops on Hulu on December 13, which is a Friday, but fans haven’t been so surprised that their show is coming to an end.. Marvel shows that aren’t going to be on Disney+ have faded away, as if Kevin Feige is wearing Thanos’ gauntlet and he just snapped his finger.

The Marvel shows — Jessica Jones et al — succumbed to the cancellation ax, and fans figured Runaways wasn’t long for the world when Cloak and Dagger, which is also geared toward a younger audience, also fell by the wayside. At least Cloak and Dagger (the characters) will appear on Season 3 of Runaways in one last crossover

Now that Runaways’ episodes are numbered, it remains to be seen if or when any of the axed shows will somehow see the light of day on Disney+. It seems unlikely, as Feige will probably go his own way with characters he introduced rather than imposing his style on someone else’s vision.

He did do that with the Hulk and Spider-Man, but those are iconic characters he didn’t want to leave behind. At the very least, Cloak and Dagger and The Runaways will always be remembered as shows that helped set the stage for Marvel Television, even if they had to leave the stage themselves.