Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ Could Bring a ‘Suicide Squad’ Star into the MCU

Technically, it should have started already. But there’s a lot fans don’t know about Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the Avengers’ future in question, the MCU needs to answer a lot of questions. One of the biggest, however, involves Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Now a new rumor could give fans some idea who might join the wallcrawler’s upcoming third MCU entry.

Marvel movie backdrop display with Spider-man replica at the Ani-Com & Games HK Exhibition
Marvel movie backdrop display with Spider-man replica at the Ani-Com & Games HK Exhibition | Daniel Fung/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Tom Holland will return as Spider-Man into 2021

In large part, Spider-Man: Far From Home served as a feature-length in memoriam for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). After all, Holland’s Peter Parker was Stark’s protégé in the MCU. And Spidey’s sequel sees Peter process losing his mentor and finding his own way in the superhero world. Of course, then the mid-credits scene changed everything.

Following Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) death, the late supervillain has one last trick up his sleeve: a video message for the world. And J. Jonah Jameson himself — again played by Oscar winner J.K. Simmons — reveals Spider-Man’s secret identity to the world. Presumably, this means the webslinger will be a fugitive from justice the next time he hits the big screen.

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The movie will reportedly center on Kraven the Hunter

For many fans, Spider-Man on the run immediately signaled the imminent arrival of Kraven the Hunter. In the comics, the character arrives in New York City determined on capturing Spidey. A loose adaptation of this storyline fits perfectly in the MCU’s Spider-Man 3. Besides, Kraven is one of the only major Spider-Man villains who hasn’t appeared on screen.

The next Spider-Man movie is currently set for release on Nov. 5, 2021. But other than the likely return of Simmons’, fans have no clue how the movie will tackle the consequences of Peter’s secret getting out. Kraven feels like the safest bet, however. And a new report could shed a bit of light on who might play the character if he does join the MCU soon.

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Marvel could want a ‘Suicide Squad’ actor to play the villain

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Marvel hopes to find a “Joel Kinnaman-type” for Spider-Man 3. Moviegoers probably know Kinnaman best for his role as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad. And he’s set to return for James Gunn’s upcoming sequel. While the rumored casting call doesn’t specify the role, the word is that it is definitely for Kraven the Hunter.

After all, Kraven will likely be the main villain of the film and, therefore, one of its main leads. And given Kinnaman’s history with action — he also starred in the 2014 Robocop reboot — this certainly sounds like Marvel scouting for the perfect Kraven.

Of course, just because Kinnaman is mentioned by name doesn’t mean he’ll land the part. Then again, the MCU was reportedly looking for an “Alison Brie-type” for She-Hulk. And rumors won’t stop about Brie’s casting. So fans will have to wait and see how both those scenarios play out.