Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’: When Will Season 2 Premiere on Netflix?

Fans of Netflix’s Marvel shows have received nothing but disappointing news over the past several months. After a wave of unexpected cancelation announcements, we finally got some good news: Frank Castle is back — and maybe a lot sooner than expected.

Here’s everything you need to know about new episodes of Netflix’s The Punisher, when the second season will drop on the platform in 2019, and what we know so far about the future of the show and other Netflix-exclusive Marvel properties.

Marvel’s The Punisher: Everything you need to know

Marvel’s The Punisher first came to Netflix in November 2017. Its main character, Frank Castle, first appeared in the second season of Daredevil before getting his own show, which takes place before the events of the first series. All the events and characters in Marvel’s Netflix shows exist within the same universe and are all connected in some way.

Frank Castle is a war veteran who seeks lethal revenge on those responsible for the deaths of his wife and children. He considers himself a vigilante, fighting New York City crime and quite literally “punishing” anyone who attempts to stand in his way.

The Punisher release date: When will Season 2 drop on Netflix?

When Netflix announced its new releases for January, it added a very brief “coming soon” teaser to the end of its video.

From what we can tell, the series will premiere on the platform sometime in January.

Something similar happened leading up to the release of the show’s first season. The release date wasn’t announced until just before it dropped, which almost made sense considering there wasn’t anything to catch up on unless you wanted to watch the second season of Daredevil.

But it doesn’t look like there will be a follow-up season to whatever might be in store for Frank Castle this time around.

Will The Punisher get canceled after Season 2?

The Punisher

The Punisher | Netflix

The majority of Marvel’s Netflix-exclusive shows — including Daredevil — have officially been canceled. It’s likely that both The Punisher and Jessica Jones will follow suit after their second and third respective seasons land on the platform in 2019.

These cancelations are due to the end of the Marvel-Netflix partnership. Netflix can’t and won’t remove the shows that already exist. But no new ones will be created after 2019, and new episodes of existing shows will not be produced on the streaming service.

Sometime in 2019, Disney — Marvel Studios’ parent company — will launch its own online streaming service, Disney+. If it were to continue producing Marvel content on Netflix, there’s a good chance those shows would compete with anything Marvel-related Disney might release on its own platform in the future.

However, it’s unclear whether or not this is really the end for the characters featured in these shows. Their time on Netflix will soon be over, but this doesn’t mean they won’t appear in future projects on Disney+. Just one more reason the company is trying to draw as many fans to its platform as possible (if Star Wars isn’t enough, Marvel might be).