‘The Masked Singer’: Why Those Who Watched the Disney Channel Are Convinced They Know At Least One Star

The newest season of The Masked Singer is in full swing, and the fans and judges are doing their best to try and figure out who is who. The show has quickly become one of Fox’s most popular shows, as it entertains people young and old. But those who grew up watching Disney Channel are convinced they’ve cracked the code on one major star. Who is it?

Some of 'The Masked Singer' contestants
Some of ‘The Masked Singer’ contestants | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

‘The Masked Singer’ is essentially a guessing game

The premise of The Masked Singer is a bit different from other singing competitions these days. Fans are not only voting on the best voice — they’re doing so without having any idea who the singer is. For the most part, the show is successful; fans and judges alike often have a difficult time figuring out who is behind the mask. Each week, the contestants compete by singing a song of their choice in a wild costume, and they provide subtle clues about who they are. At the end of the performance, the judges take their best guesses. Some of the guesses are feasible while others seem to come completely out of left field.

Each week, judges and fans are stumped as one more person gets revealed

The better the singer, the longer fans have to go without knowing who it is. That’s because each week, once the masked singers perform, the audience starts to vote for who they think is best. By the end of the show, two singers must compete to keep their spot. Then, the final voting takes place, and whoever gets voted off must reveal who they are. Last week, fans learned that Dr. Drew was hiding beneath the eagle costume, and this week, the skeleton was revealed as musician Paul Shaffer.

Disney Channel fans are convinced they recognize the flamingo’s voice

Though some people are harder to figure out than others, anyone who watched Disney Channel as a child is convinced they know who the flamingo is. It sounds like veteran singer Adrienne Bailon, who was a part of girl group 3LW before landing her role as Chanel Simmons in the Disney Channel Cheetah Girls franchise. In all three Cheetah Girls films, Bailon did the majority of the singing, and fans of the movies quickly learned the sound of her voice. She currently co-hosts The Real and has taken a break from recording, which is why fans are convinced she’s returning to the spotlight via The Masked Singer.

Others also think Raven Symone could be the black widow based on various clues and the sound of her voice, but Disney fans don’t seem quite as convinced about the spider as they do about the bird.

The flamingo gave a major hint to her identity last night 

Another reason some are convinced Bailon fits the bill is because of a major hint she gave away on the show in this week’s episode. The flamingo said that she once wanted to be a doctor and even attended a special school to receive more knowledge in health and sciences. Those who are Bailon mega fans might recall her once revealing in an interview that she had wanted to be an obstetrician before she got into acting and singing. The flamingo also said a “wizard” discovered her; Bailon was discovered by music star Ricky Martin back in the late 1990s.

Though The Masked Singer fans will have to wait to learn whether Bailon truly is the woman in the flamingo costume, there are plenty of convincing details that add up. And those who loved The Cheetah Girls surely can’t forget that voice.