‘Master Minds’ Host Brooke Burns on the Unforgettable Day She Met Alex Trebek and Why She Became a Game Show Host

Brooke Burns
Brooke Burns | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Actor Brooke Burns has appeared in such a wide variety of programs. Some viewers may know her from Baywatch, while others know her as a regular character on Melrose Place.

And to many other viewers, she’s the fast-talking game show host known for cheering contestants on.

She shared recently about meeting late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek and why ‘game show host’ is the professional role she’s most happy in of late.

Brooke Burns gained fame on ‘Baywatch’

Brooke Burns in 'Baywatch', 1999
Brooke Burns in ‘Baywatch’, 1999 | Getty Images

Burns has appeared in numerous television programs including Conan, Ally McBeal, Baywatch, Pepper Dennis, and Melrose Place. She also appeared in the film Shallow Hal for which the film’s writers Peter and Bobby Farrelly wrote a specific role just for Burns.

But it was her Baywatch role that earned her the most fame and, as Burns told Women’s Running in 2015, kept her the most in shape. She described the grueling physical workouts the cast of the beach-based series regularly underwent.

Daily, every cast member began with a lengthy swim in the pool, moving on from there to the beach. After running through the waves, each actor ran relays while carrying a heavy rock.

“We did a lot of egg-beatering in the ocean while trying to hold some sort of object over our heads,” Burns said. “By the end of the day, you’d think: ‘I think we just worked out for five hours straight.’ But you got in amazing shape, and you were having a blast at the same time.”

Meeting Alex Trebek – on ‘Baywatch’

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Of all the places one would expect to see Alex Trebek, the set of Baywatch is the least likely. But that’s where the famed quiz show host crossed paths with the future game show star.

Trebek, who enjoyed making appearances on various programs including The Golden Girls, Hot In Cleveland, Cheers, and more, also appeared on Baywatch in 1998 according to Burns to the delight of the cast.

“Alex came on as a celebrity guest and he played a fisherman that Mitzi Kapture and I had to rescue who slips off the rocks and she loses her chance to become a “Jeopardy!” contestant because she’s now met him,” she told Fox News this week. “So that was the storyline. He was very kind and very witty. It was really fun to get to meet him.”

Burns is loving the game show life

As much of a prolific actor as Burns has been, nothing beats her current duties as a game show host. The reason for that is her family.

“I think once I started having children, the hosting format just worked so well with my life,” she said. “I loved being at home with my kids as much as I could, and then working hard in a short and fast amount of time. And hosting really does that. 

“One of the best things about game shows is that it’s something that all age groups can watch together.”