Why Did Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) Tweet About A New ‘Harry Potter’ Film?

Actor Matthew Lewis recently teased a reunion that would excite nearly anyone. However, there sadly doesn’t appear to be any truth to his tweet. Here’s what the Harry Potter star said about making another film with the original cast, and why he did it.

Who is Matthew Lewis?

Matthew Lewis | Fred
Matthew Lewis | Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Lewis is an actor from the U.K. Unlike some of his co-stars, he actually began his career prior to landing the role of Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series. Regardless, that is his most notable role to date.

Throughout the seven movies of the franchise, Lewis’ character grew and changed like the others. By the final couple of films, he looked remarkably unlike his younger self (he did, notably, wear prosthetics during the early movies). Thus, the phrase “Longbottoming,” meaning to grow into your looks surprisingly well, was coined by the internet.

His roles since ‘Harry Potter’

Like many of his co-stars from the beloved franchise, Lewis hasn’t had it easy trying to make his way in Hollywood in a post-Harry Potter world. He has appeared in just a few movies. Most notable is the romantic drama book adaptation Me Before You starring Emilia Clarke.

Lewis has fared a bit better on the small screen. He was in the BBC dramedy Bluestone 42 for two seasons, as well as another BBC show, Ripper Street, about the Jack the Ripper murders. Lewis also had a role in the crime drama Happy Valley.

Lewis tweeted this mysterious message

Despite these other roles, Lewis has and will likely always get the most attention when it comes to all things Harry Potter. He has visited the theme parks at Universal Studios in Florida and California, contributed his voice to video games, and supported the connected franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

But a recent tweet of Lewis’ may have sent fans spinning. He wrote, “New Harry Potter film with original cast to begin shooting in 2020…” followed by a mysterious link. So where does it take you? To the U.K. government’s “Register to Vote” website.

Could another ‘Harry Potter’ film really happen?

Obviously, those who were tricked by Lewis’ link weren’t exactly pleased. However, true fans know that there would be a lot more fanfare around any announcement of that magnitude. And Lewis was promoting a great cause for his country.

But what is the likelihood of another movie that reunites Lewis with stars like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, etc.? Pretty unlikely at this point. For now, we’re just going to have to make do with silly reunions like the above one Lewis had with Tom Felton.

What Lewis is working on now

Lewis doesn’t appear to have many projects in the works. There is a third season of Happy Valley in the works, but there’s no reason to believe at this time that Lewis will be a part of it.

However, he does have a movie that’s somewhere in the post-production stages. Lewis filmed the comedy Baby Done in the first half of 2019. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see when it gets a release date.