Matthew McConaughey Reflects on 2020: The Surprising Way His Life Was ‘Enriched’ During the Pandemic

2020 might have been challenging for the majority of people, but Matthew McConaughey found a bright spot during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Matthew McConaughey on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 16
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Matthew McConaughey and his mother didn’t speak for eight years

During an October 2020 interview on The Howard Stern Show, McConaughey recalled how he had a falling out with his mother Mary Kathlene McCabe and didn’t speak to her for eight years. Things started to unravel between them as McConaughey’s star was initially on the rise.

“I was calling my mom at that time after I had gotten famous needing to talk to my mom,” he shared. “Because I was trying to figure out, ‘Hey I’m a little unbalanced here. These things are going on. What do they mean?'”

He continued, “And my mom was not the only one that was on the phone. Most of the woman that was on the phone was a fan of my fame. And so I would have conversations and then all of a sudden, whoop, what we’d talk about shows up in the paper three days later.”

“I was like, ‘Mom, that was between us … Don’t share that. This is a new thing. Loose lips can sink my ship,’” he recalled telling her.

When his mother gave a tour of his childhood home on TV, he found he had to stop sharing his life with her.

They found their way through the situation, as the actor shared, “We went through a time where I didn’t really share much with her. She was always still my mom but she became a different person.”

He admitted, “nobody is perfect” and that he eventually found a way to forgive her. “I just had to make some boundaries and it was a strenuous relationship for eight years,” McConaughey added. “We’re back completely now.”

“There was always forgiveness. I just tried to bide my time,” he said. “It was a sad time… It was tough for eight years,  but we went through it and we’re on the other side of it. It’s good.”

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The pandemic allowed him to become closer to his mom

McConaughey and his mother worked through that difficult time and found that 2020, which has been a tough year for everyone, provided an opportunity for the actor’s mom to live with them and strengthen the family bond.

In a sneak peek clip of the Facebook Watch special Peace Out 2020, McConaughey reflected on how the year had some high points for him.

“What a year we have just lived through, one like no other,” McConaughey said. “One of my themes, theories, and approaches with getting through hard times is, when faced with the inevitable, get relative.”

The actor shared how McCabe has lived with them during the pandemic quarantine, noting that it “enriched” their relationship.

“I know in our family we got my 88-year-old mother who moved in with us and has been with us for seven months now,” he explained. “Her being around her grandkids, her three grandkids, every single day for the last seven months is going to be something that she will never forget.”

McConaughey continued, “Something that they’ll never forget. Something that has really enriched their relationship and something that we would not have done unless we had been quarantined.”