Matthew McConaughey Said He’d Support His Kids if They Want to Follow in His Footsteps

Matthew McConaughey, not surprisingly, is a supportive dad — and that includes being fully on board if his children decide to follow in his footsteps and become an actor.

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Matthew McConaughey said his son Levi is a ‘really caring kid’

McConaughey shared some insight into his three children when he chatted with ET about his memoir Greenlights. The actor said his son Levi, who is 12 years old, is a “caring kid” but is also a perfectionist, just like dad.

“Levi is the most considerate person I’ve ever met,” McConaughey said. “Yeah, he’s extremely considerate and a very, very sensitive young man and really cares — really caring kid. And he, like me, has a very much perfectionist bone in him.”

The actor continued, “He wants things to be exactly how he wants them. And he is very definite at exactly how that is and is not afraid to hop up on the chair and orate to everyone exactly what he means in case you do not understand.”

McConaughey further shared how he and Levi can really spin up a great story together, illustrating how his son is a creative type as well. “He’s a great salesman, he’s a great debater, he’s a great storyteller, he’s becoming a really good storyteller,” McConaughey said. “He and I, we riff up stories and he knows, we give a little wink when we embellish somewhere, like ‘Oh, that didn’t happen, but hey, it’s better for the story,’ but for the most part he’s very active and he’s becoming a good buddy of mine now as he’s reaching 12.”

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McConaughey is fine with his kids being in the entertainment industry

Often, famous parents in the entertainment industry find themselves hoping their children won’t follow in their footsteps because it’s hard to break into the business and there’s a lot of rejection.

McConaughey, however, said he is supportive of whatever path his kids take. He shared that if Levi, Vida, 10, or Livingston, 7, decide that acting is something they want to pursue, he’s fine with it.

“Look, I want them to do whatever it is they’re fashioned to do,” the actor explained. “Whatever they have an innate ability to do, and are willing to put in the work to get better at it. Whatever that is, I want them to do that.”

He continued, “If that becomes something in the industry that I’m in? Bravo. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people in my life in my industry, I love what I do. Everybody on a set of a film or a TV show has to be great at their particular job for it to work.”

McConaughey is already training his kids for life in the business

While his kids might not be auditioning for roles just yet, McConaughey said that he’s putting them to work doing jobs that might prepare them for the entertainment world.

“I have already started to employ them,” he said. “They do all my photo shoots now. They did the Longbranch ads. Levi did. He’s the DP, he’s the one going out there, we’re setting up the GoPros. We’re doing the editing.”

“So, maybe I’ll have a little McConaughey production crew here, and we’ll be a one-stop shop,” he added.