Matthew McConaughey Shared the Reason Why He’s Never Dated Any of His Co-stars

Although the on-set romance is a timeless tradition in Hollywood, many actors choose not to participate in it. Matthew McConaughey is one of them. 

McConaughey starred in movies with some of the most beautiful actresses in the world, but to this date, the Oscar-winner has never been involved romantically with any of them. 

Matthew McConaughey has never dated a co-star

Matthew McConuaghey
Matthew McConaughey | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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When asked by Howard Stern why he’s never been linked to any of his co-stars romantically, McConaughey said it was because he was trying to focus on the task at hand and complete the movie.

“I don’t know, I’ve always tried to, you know, keep it professional, and the people I worked with, I must say, did as well,” McConaughey said. “Maybe we had certain crushes on each other at certain times, but we always just kind of kept it professional.”

He also noted that he and his co-stars may have been in private romantic relationships that they wanted to uphold. McConaughey himself has been with his wife, Camila Alves, since 2006.

Matthew McConaughey values his marriage more than fame

“I personalize Hollywood in my book, you know,” McConaughey says. “And I write about ‘Want her, don’t need her.’ … She’s a moonlight tryst, you know, and if you need her, huh uh [shakes head]. If you want her, great, you can keep having a fling with her. But you know, fame is—a certain amount of fame is for rent … my wife and my family in my mind and soul are non-negotiable. And so, the non-negotiable things in my life, when I’ve watered their proverbial garden, that’s when my garden grew and I flourished, and I became more me, and life felt more vitale. …” 

McConaughey qualifies his remarks by mentioning that although he’s settled into married life now, he’s no stranger to the “trysts” that Hollywood life can bring.

“I’ve had trysts along my way in my own life, and some people can have them forever. And you can Peter Pan your way through the whole thing. Fine. But it’s the non-negotiable things in my life. I’ve looked at those other things like, ‘Oh, those are stops, not a stage. The most important thing to me is my family.’

Matthew McConaughey says celebrity couples make better movies before they’re married

McConaughey also notes how the on-screen dynamic changes between celebrity couples after they are recognized by the public. In his opinion, celebrities have better on-screen chemistry when nobody knows they’re involved with each other. 

“… I’ll also say this. You know … when you see a couple … say they did a movie together and then, later on, they get married, right?” McConaughey says. “And they make another movie together. Watch the movie. When they’re really good is the movie before it was ever public that they were getting together, and when they’re on the approach that you’re going, ‘Oh, offset, they got a little honeymoon now.’ But once they get married, you watch that movie, they’re like, ‘Oh they’re not near as good together.’ … It’s the movie when they met … that’s the one that this thing is sizzling, this relationship on screen, you know.”