Matthew McConaughey Tries Not To Stay in Character Around His Family When Playing a Role — ‘I Like To Reset at the End of the Day’

There are some actors that are known for committing so hard to their roles that they never leave character while working on a film. Matthew McConaughey is not one of them. 

Although the Academy Award-winning actor goes to great lengths—such as losing 50 pounds for a role—to deliver convincing performances, he tries not to stay in character when around his wife and kids. 

Matthew McConaughey changes a bit for every role 

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey | Photo by: Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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As most actors will say, preparing for a role requires a significant amount of work. Even during production, the challenge lies in continuing to provide an authentic performance that audiences will believe. McConaughey is well aware of this but describes it as bringing out traits within him that already exist. 

“I always change a little bit,” McConaughey said in a resurfaced SAG-AFTRA Foundation interview. “I don’t come home, take that character with, but … the frequencies of whatever character I’m playing that I know in my own self—which I’ve gotta have those if I’m gonna go play the part, I’ve definitely turned up the volume of those in my own self and how I look at the world.”

Matthew McConaughey tries not to bring his roles home with him

There are some actors that take stay in character the entire time they’re working on a project. Others have moments where they break character to engage with the real world. McConaughey is somewhere in the middle, as he tries not to stay in character around his family.

“I’d say, I try to limit it to my family going … ‘You were a lot more quiet at that time. … That means I’ve managed it well with how I brought it home,” McConaughey said. “ … There’s different experiences that I’ve had, but I try to leave it. Something about the exit, that’s the one exit and re-entry to character that I do like. At the end of the day, going home.”

Matthew McConaughey enjoys ‘resetting’ at the end of his workday

Work-life balance is a word that’s become a lot more popular recently, and every professional should look into it. McConaughey is well aware of the problems that can occur when one refuses to temporarily disconnect from their job. 

“I do not like the entry and exit that is during the working day,” McConaughey said. “I like to get there, get up out of bed that morning, drive, think about the day in a fun way, think about my rhythm, and focus on what I’ve gotta do. And I don’t wanna get out of it during the day … But if I kept it the entire time, I think I’d just overload. I like the reset at the end of the day.”

Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ intersected with his personal life

Although McConaughey does his best to keep from bringing his characters home with him, there are some roles he can’t escape. While working on Dallas Buyers Club, he famously lost 50 pounds for the role, which required him to minimize his eating at home for several months.

His dedication to the role paid off though, as he ended up taking home an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.