Maya Hawke Auditioned For This Upcoming Disney Live-Action Remake

When your parents are two of the biggest stars of the past couple of decades, a career in the entertainment industry seems easy to come by. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get every role you want. Maya Hawke, who starred in Season 3 of Stranger Things, can speak to that, after auditioning for this upcoming Disney film. Here’s what she said.

Maya Hawke is the daughter of two famous actors

Hawke was born into the entertainment industry, as the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. It’s no surprise that she went into acting, but she does have a few other dreams.

“I wanted to be a farmer, I wanted to be a poet,” she said in a recent BuzzFeed interview. “I still want to try directing. There [are] lots of things I want to try doing.” 

But right now, she’s happy where she is. “I love acting. I’ve always loved acting. It’s always been the place that I felt most myself and most alive. And so I hope I get to do it my whole life if I’m really lucky.”

Her latest role in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

Maya Hawke Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
Maya Hawke attends Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood premiere | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

This summer, Hawke made her mark on TV in Stranger Things Season 3. Not long after that, she appeared in a major motion picture: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in a small role. The movie was directed by Quentin Tarantino, who first worked with her mother, Thurman, before she was even born. 

On getting the role, Hawke said, “Well, obviously, I have kind of known Quentin my whole life. But I auditioned for it — I made a tape and I sent it in.” However, she concedes, “I think I had a subtle advantage.”

What was Hawke in before ‘Stranger Things’?

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Though many first saw her in Stranger Things, Hawke has been acting for a few years. Prior to this, she appeared the BBC miniseries adaptation of Little Women.

“That was my first job and my favorite experience ever,” Hawke said. “Me and all the girls, and Jonah [Hauer-King, who played Laurie], Katherine Newton [Amy], and Willa Fitzgerald [Meg] and Annes Elway [Beth] — we all got so close and had the most beautiful time in Ireland ever in those costumes. I had the time of my life.”

She auditioned for this upcoming Disney film

Disney has been going hard on the live-action/CGI adaptations over the past few years. In fact, Hawke even auditioned for one, but she didn’t get the part, saying that she “really wanted” to be in the upcoming film The Little Mermaid

Clearly, classic Disney animated films are important to her. When asked what her favorite one is, she replied, “Cinderella. I know it doesn’t exactly have the most positive female role model. But I love Cinderella and the singing mice.” 

Hawke is also a musician

Like many in her position, Hawke is multi-talented. She’s not only an actor but a musician as well. And recently, she’s begun to release her own music.

The BuzzFeed interview was just released but was likely filmed in July, as she said, “I have some songs that are about to come out in August that I’m really excited for you to see. I wrote the lyrics and my friend Jesse Harris wrote the music. And I hope that you like them.”

A look at her movie and TV favorites

Like the rest of us, Hawke has her favorite movies and TV shows. She watched The Bachelorette, calling it “pretty great.” And she’s “a really big fan” of Avatar: The Last Airbender, saying, “I always wanted my superpowers to be water-bending.”

Hawke dropped a few more titles in the interview. “My favorite movie of all time is Robert Altman’s Nashville. I just think it’s the most genius movie ever made,” she said. “My favorite TV show of all time is Grey’s Anatomy because sometimes you need to cry and it really gets you there,” Hawke said, referencing a favorite that many of us can relate to.

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