Maya Hawke Dishes On Her ‘Stranger Things’ Character’s Big Reveal

Stranger Things came out with a bang, and it hasn’t left the spotlight since. Fans are still talking about the explosive new season. We’ve met new characters who quickly entered our hearts, and old characters went through major developments. Many fans felt their heartstrings tugged by the new season — and with good reason. 

Add to that one character’s big reveal towards the end of the season, and it’s easy to see why fans love the show — they just always seem to have another great twist in store for us. If you haven’t seen the show yet, be warned — there are spoilers ahead. 

Maya Hawke almost didn’t act

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Though Maya Hawke has two famous parents — Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman — the young Stranger Things star almost didn’t pursue acting. In fact, she wasn’t sure if it was something she wanted to follow in earnest. 

“I resisted it a little bit, because it was the family business, until I realized that it made me the most happy and that it was what I was the best at,” said Hawke in an interview with WWD.

She went on to add that she almost pursued an English degree. “I was like, ‘I don’t know, do I want to get an English degree, what do I want to do?’ I was simultaneously doing a play at my school, and it was the only thing I liked doing. I didn’t like studying for my SAT, didn’t like writing essays, but I felt so alive and capable in the theater at my school and how do you say no to that?”

Hawke went on to add that having famous parents didn’t necessarily clear a path for her when it comes to acting. “It makes [for] more expectations and it makes it so that people doubt your intentions and your ability and your place, but the truth is that you just have to work hard and hopefully you learn your place,” said Hawke.

A well-received twist

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

When Maya Hawke’s Stranger Things character, Robin, came out as a lesbian, fans were thrilled. In the now famous scene, Steve Harrington admits to Robin that he has a crush on her. Robin reveals that, while she told Steve she used to stare at him in class, she was really staring at his friend, Tammy. 

“I wanted her to look at me, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair, and I didn’t understand, because you would get bagel crumbs all over the floor, and you asked dumb questions, and you were a douchebag. You didn’t even like her. I would go home and scream into a pillow,” said Robin to the shocked Steve. 

Steve took it in stride, and the two bonded as friends. GLAAD endorsed the moment, saying it was a hugely progressive move.

“GLAAD is thrilled to see Netflix continuing to be a home for great LGBTQ characters. Maya’s character of Robin on ‘Stranger Things’ is yet another step forward for LGBTQ storytelling in the teen drama genre. And the fact that show is so widely watched around the world by such diverse audiences means that its impact is all the more significant,” GLAAD told The Blast

What did Maya think?

Gaten Matarazzo, Maya Hawke, and Joe Keery
Gaten Matarazzo, Maya Hawke, and Joe Keery | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

Maya Hawke thinks this is going to have an impact on people throughout the country. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the Stranger Things star said, “The great thing about Stranger Things is it has such a reach and so many people watch it in the middle of the country. Even a little gesture like having a gay character is a big deal.”

Hawke went on to explain her character’s inner workings, saying that there’s a reason she seems so closed-off at first. “The reason she has all these hard walls is that she doesn’t feel like she fits in. She feels like an odd one out. She’s gay, and nobody knows that.,” Hawke said. 

She went on to add, “There’s a lot she’s bored by, and there’s a lot she’s too nervous to express about herself that makes a person put up a lot of walls. But once these other characters start to reveal themselves to her, and once she gets to be on the front of a mission, her personality really comes through because she feels like herself.”