‘Mayans MC’ Star JD Pardo On All Those Charlie Hunnam Comparisons

After landing the lead role in Kurt Sutter’s first Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC, JD Pardo always knew that the comparisons to Charlie Hunnam would come sooner or later. The cast and crew of Mayans MC are currently gearing up for Season 2 and the comparisons have not slowed down. Fortunately for us, Pardo has not been shy talking about how EZ Reyes stacks up against Hunnam’s Jax Teller.

'Mayans MC' star JD Pardo
JD Pardo | Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Pardo dishes on the Hunnam comparisons

Pardo first opened up about the comparison in Season 1 of Mayans MC. The actor was asked about who would win in a fight between EZ and Jax, to which he replied, “Ooooh, I don’t know. But I’d like to find out.”

He then noted that he is looking forward to earning his part in Sutter’s biker mythology and building a legacy that matches Sons of Anarchy. Mayans MC may only be one season in but it’s definitely on the right path to earning similar success.

According to Celebrity Insider, the actor was also asked about what EZ would do if he ever met Jax in real life. Pardo admitted that Jax, being higher up in the ranks, would probably order EZ to do some menial task. Since EZ is still a prospect, he would likely do whatever Jax said, unless it went against his own club. Given how the events in Mayans MC are set after Sons of Anarchy, the chances of that happening are pretty much impossible.

How are Pardo and Hunnam alike?

Apart from the obvious character similarities, Pardo and Hunnam actually share a lot in common. When it comes to their body type, for example, Hunnam was never shy about showing off his abs in front of the camera — and neither is Pardo.

In fact, the actor has already shed his shirt a few times on Mayans MC and will likely continue to do so next season. The only he has yet to do is show off his rear end, something Hunnam did several times over the course of Sons of Anarchy.

Like Hunnam, Pardo takes his job very seriously and is willing to do whatever it takes to meet fan expectations. He also knows that starring in a spin-off has its share of challenges and that not all SOA fans are going to like the end product. Even still, Pardo is clearly willing to work hard on the show and brings a lot of talent to the table.

“I think about the Sons of Anarchy fans. I owe it to them, 100%, to do my best and to give them all of me,” Pardo shared.

Pardo reveals Hunnam’s on-set mistake

While Pardo is clearly not afraid of addressing the comparisons to Hunnam, he also learned a thing or two from his on-screen counterpart. Prior to the premiere of Season 1, Pardo revealed that Hunnam was pretty new to riding motorcycles and actually dropped his bike on the first day of filming Sons of Anarchy.

This is a common occurrence among those who are new to riding and Hunnam’s flub was apparently well known on the set of Mayans MC. In fact, whenever one of his co-stars accidentally dropped their bike, Pardo says that people would comment about how they are “in good company.”

What are the chances that Hunnam returns for a cameo?

With the events in Mayans MC taking place after Jax’s demise, the only way to bring Hunnam back is in the form of a flashback. Sutter did not use many flashbacks on the original show, but he did use a few on the spin-off. One of the more memorable ones featured a cameo by Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal), who also died in the original series.

The fact that Gemma made an appearance on Mayans MC certainly opens the door for other characters to follow in her footsteps. Hunnam has previously admitted that it was hard saying goodbye to Jax and he even went through a period of mourning. There is no telling what Sutter has planned for Season 2, but don’t get your hopes up that it includes Charlie Hunnam.

Production for the new season of Mayans MC is currently underway. The series is expected to premiere sometime this fall.