MCU Fans Reveal Characters Who Didn’t Live Up to Their Comic Book Counterparts

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now responsible for bringing some of the most beloved and renowned comic book characters to the silver screen. While some on-screen depictions have lived up to (or exceeded) expectations (Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man), others MCU faces have failed to impress. 

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Fans deem some MCU characters subpar when taking their narratives or overall characterizations into account. In an online Reddit discussion surrounding casting mishaps and story missteps, a few characters receive the most attention. 

1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver 

Aaron Taylor-Jonhson’s Quicksilver appeared in the MCU before the franchise had access to Fox entities (most notably, the X-Men). Thus, Quicksilver’s true origin story as Magneto’s son was altered. While Scarlet Witch grew extensively from this altered origin point, Quicksilver died before he got the chance to. And, the character that briefly came into the light did not receive a just story. One fan explained:

I think Quicksilver wasn’t great. Aaron Johnson did fine, but he just doesn’t seem like Quicksilver to me.

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In response to the above comment, one fan noted how the MCU writers downplayed Quicksilver’s significance and removed some of the character’s vast complexities. Not to mention, Evan Peters’ Quicksilver from Days of Future Past was quite fun, so Taylor-Johnson had some fierce competition. The Reddit user said: 

They watered him down too much and gave him that God-awful Russian accent. It also didn’t help that Evan Peters’ QS was so well received in DoFP around the same time.

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2. Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner 

Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner is a polarizing figure when it comes to the MCU. Some fans argue that he’s perfect. Others argue that he doesn’t boast the same professorial knack for intimidation known to the comic book and cartoon character. One fan explained: 

Out of actual major characters, I would say Mark Ruffalo. I think it’s more down to the writing than acting but I think he is not a great Banner. He’s much more loveable goofball than tortured scientist. They started out good in the first Avengers movie but it’s basically been downhill ever since.

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Sometimes, he’s the butt of a joke. Other times, he’s too loveable. And, other, times he gets angry and regrets it. Who is he? Who is Banner, for he’s not too reminiscent of the character some expected? 

3. Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash 

Many fans argue that Mickey Rourke was dealt a poor hand when it came to Whiplash. While he may have been able to rise to the occasion, some agree that the writing left his character illustration a little scattered. Fans explained:

I think the problem with the Whiplash character was they combined him with Crimson Dynamo, and Rourke could only do one or the other good, not the combination.

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…The problems with Whiplash fall onto the writers imo, not him…

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The MCU transformed Whiplash, deviating from the source and, as a result, some felt that the character lacked gravitas and believability.