MCU Fans Say the Films Belittled One Primary Avenger

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is responsible for bringing to life some of the most well-known and lesser-known characters akin to Stan Lee’s Marvel comic book material. 

From Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man to Star-Lord in The Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have witnessed character explorations intimately tied to MCU narratives. 

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Iron Man’s journey from selfish egotist to altruistic savior played a major factor in the Infinity Saga’s storylines. He was pinned up against Captain America for Civil War, before mutual respect and admiration surfaced. Star-Lord’s love for Gamora changed the course of Infinity War, which cemented the groundwork for the Endgame conflict.

Most of the pivotal Avengers who have played a role in the saga receive their time in the spotlight. They receive enviable powers or intoxicating storylines that pull fans into the individual hero’s life and suggest their overall value to the landscape. Yet, not every character earns the same level of respect under the Disney umbrella. The transition from text to screen doesn’t favor every superhero. And, fans argue that the MCU dropped the ball when it came to Hawkeye. 

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MCU fans say the franchise has failed Hawkeye 

Fans note that Hawkeye — though not boasting powers beyond solid archery — could have earned a more enticing backstory or more interesting origin. In an online Reddit discussion, one fan noted:

The problem is not his “powers,” it’s not “how they use him,” the problem is that they based him off the Ultimates version, who was a super boring black ops guy. There’s no point to that.

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Another fan noted that the movies always place Hawkeye in combat situations that minimize his skillset. He is made to look like a mere “human” when juxtaposed with the superhuman heroes and villains fighting alongside him. One fan noted:

Hawkeye’s problem isn’t that he can’t contribute with a bow and arrow and no powers – neither Black Widow nor, I would argue, Captain America have powers and yet both contribute to fights UNARMED. Hawkeye’s problem is that when the writers stick him next to Hulk in a fight in Age of Ultron, his bow isn’t as cinematic as the karate shtick and sticks out. So don’t put him there.

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In a different online discussion, one fan explained, “Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters in the comics, but they did him so dirty in the movies.”

Let’s hope ‘Hawkeye’ on Disney+ fixes the problem

In short, fans argue that the movies failed Hawkeye. The origin story chosen was sub-par. The writers minimized his extensive Black-Ops training. And, other technologically-driven weaponry that he employs in the comics was amiss.

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With Disney+ prepping to release a Hawkeye series with Clint Barton at the center, those behind the saga may be looking to make up for a weaker character — and a weaker narrative that deserves further exploration. He’s not “just an archer” and viewers deserve to know that.

So, here’s to hoping that before Cint Barton passes his bow and arrow to Kate Bishop, fans find out a bit more about his past, and get to see what he’s capable of without a Hulk or a Thor taking up the spotlight.