MCU Fans Say These 2 Avengers Boast the Best Character Arcs

The MCU is home to the most action-packed, cinematically advanced, and suspenseful superhero tales of the modern age. While the films always offer up some butt-kicking joy, heaps of humor, and a few heart-wrenching moments for good measure, the Avengers saga also boasts some strong character development … at least for a handful of its title heroes.

MCU Avengers Cast
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While several Avengers have stepped up to the plate — joining in for major mash-ups — following a standalone installment or two, the “OG 6” have been in the game for the longest. Thus, most of them have received fleshed-out storylines and adequate screen-time (sans Black Widow and Hulk). However, which OG member has the best character arc? Fans tend to focus on two. 

2. Thor 

Thor receives a great deal of attention in this department; however, the focus has less to do with his character’s journey, and more to do with his character’s transformation across time. 

Kenneth Branagh’s Thor was a bit Shakespearean and somber, most people forget about middle Thor from The Dark World, and Taika Waititi brought us a funny Thor; yet, funny Thor was also less cocksure than his predecessors (less entitled and more worthy). When discussing Thor’s transformation, One fan stated:

Thor went from a selfish, stubborn, man child to being a worthy King

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Agreeing with the above sentiment yet expanding on the argument, another Marvel fan noted:

This. By far the biggest growth through the franchise. Wasn’t keen on thor years ago, love the guy now and that is thanks to Hemsworth and the characters journey

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With time, Thor loosened up, yet simultaneously matured. His comedic transformation did not come off as regressive; rather, he grew lighthearted but came to understand his own limitations, making him a true leader when he handed over the throne in Endgame.

While fans have witnessed an impressive and enjoyable journey through Thor, as the character became more intoxicating with time — relinquishing his somber dryness and coming to align with Marvel’s signature tone, another character takes the gold concerning internal growth. 

1. Iron Man  

When it comes down to it, Iron Man was the cinematic face of Marvel for a decade. He catalyzed the Avengers saga and was given the most time to grow. Across three standalone installments and every major mash-up, fans watched Iron Man become less selfless and less egotistical; he became a father, a savior, an ally, and a responsible and selfless hero. When discussing favorite MCU character arcs, one fan stated:

Tony stark. Starting out as a cocky businessman, becoming a superhero, flying the nuke through the portal, struggling with PTSD and finally mentoring spiderman.

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Many fans agreed with the above sentiment, noting Tony’s internal journey as the saga’s best-developed character transformation. However, this should come as no surprise, for Marvel choose to rest the success of the franchise on Stark; he started it all.