MCU Fans Shared the Character Deaths That Broke Their Hearts the Most

Some Avengers: Endgame fans guessed wrong on which characters would die when the film released last year. As fans look back on the film’s first anniversary, the shock of those character deaths still resonate and perplex.

Nothing more has to be said that Tony Stark’s death was the most compelling in movie history. He was far from the only one, though. A few other characters died, breaking the hearts of the most ardent viewers.

On Reddit, a thread started recently offering fans a chance to share renewed feelings about the loss of these superheroes. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the MCU already dug the grave of making death relative.

Some or all of these characters might revive eventually.

Natasha Romanoff’s death broke hearts

People on Reddit are not afraid to show their feelings about those who died initially in Infinity War, then those who died with more finality in Endgame. It truly is interesting to see how Marvel played with emotion when it came to twisting death. In many cases, those who died in Infinity War are back alive in the present time of the MCU.

This never stops fans from saying how much they cried when seeing Peter Parker being dusted in Infinity War. Knowing he could have stayed dead is still a powerful feeling, mostly in knowing he never wanted to die in the first place.

Similarly, Natasha Romanoff gets mentioned as breaking hearts since she sacrificed her life like Tony Stark. Maybe some of that emotion is a bit of a question mark now since mystery still surrounds whether she really died.

With Black Widow still scheduled to release next November, perhaps more news on this front will be revealed, manipulating emotions yet again.

How do fans feel about the sideline MCU characters who died?

Beyond Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, no one should forget the other characters who died in sad ways, yet may not really be fully dead. A good example of that, off the top, is Thanos.

A small contingent of fans has started to feel more sympathy for Thanos since he was trying to save Earth from destruction. If impossible for others to justify dusting over a billion people to make this happen, his deeds truly did create tug-of-war feelings. The problem is, the deaths fans feel most sad about are due directly (or indirectly) to Thanos.

Thanos | Marvel

One good example is Heimdall who happened to die at Thanos’s hand rather than being turned to dust. Idris Elba playing Heimdall was maybe taken for granted — if a key Asgardian character within Thor’s orbit. When Heimdall was stabbed in the heart by Thanos, it obviously meant he was one character who would never be able to be resurrected.

Such a scenario is heartbreaking enough. When characters die and still exist in some strange form after, it might become a bit more tragic.

The more ambiguous, if still sad, deaths

One can include Vision on the list of those fans very much miss. Seeing the sacrifice of Wanda Maximoff destroying Vision’s Mind Stone tore everyone’s heart out due to seeing her heartbreaking as well. The strange thing is Vision will be back in WandaVision, yet in some kind of virtual version probably created by Wanda to assuage her emotions.

The same is going to happen to Loki who (more or less) died in Endgame, if ultimately becoming stuck in time. Using the Tesseract, he now exists in some other parallel version reflected in the eventual Disney+ series Loki.

Most interesting of all is Gamora who had her future self die, while her 2014 existence now lives on without entire knowledge of recent past events. With her memories of having a romance with Star-Lord also wiped out, it gives the ultimate and most creative method of resurrection going forward.

These brilliant forms of death and living again prove how intricate the writing is in the MCU where emotions are twisted in non-linear ways.