MCU Fans Want a Movie For This Obscure Marvel Character

When it comes to the MCU, the money-making media franchise has surprised us with unpredictable choices in the past; comic book enthusiasts and entertainment critics alike often praise the studio for turning Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy into captivating cinematic spectacles. The source material doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the silver screen as seamlessly as Iron Man or Captain America. Thus, their narratives and visual depictions require a great degree of finesse.

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Seeing that the MCU has gone forward with standalone movies for some of Marvel’s less popular heroes, we can assume the studio will continue to do so. Fans have taken to online forums and various social media outlets to discuss the more obscure heroes they would like to see grace the silver screen, and a few trends emerge for the top picks. 

3. Sentry 

During a discussion about obscure heroes people would like to see hit the silver screen, Sentry garnered a lot of support from the comic book fanbase. Sentry, also known by the name Robert Reynolds, started his hero’s journey as a meth addict who stumbled upon a laboratory that stored a long-forgotten serum: a recreated super-serum that magnified the original’s effect 10X over. 

When Robert Reynolds chose to consume the serum, he gained the power of “a million exploding suns,” as Marvel.Fandom explains. With a chemically enhanced physiology, Sentry can warp reality, and he boasts powers often deemed “godlike.” Scarlet Witch pales in comparison to Sentry, and he is often considered one of, if not the, most powerful person in the Marvel world. Speaking of a Sentry movie, one fan stated:

Ok i love Sentry as much as the next hardcore fan but he would BREAK the movies. Nobody would stand a chance. The guy is Superman with long blonde hair.

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While many fans chimed in, agreeing that Sentry would make for an epic MCU film, he may throw a wrench in the whole universe, given that he is virtually unbeatable. 

2. Moon Knight 

While Moon Knight may be less obscure than some of the other heroes mentioned in discussions surrounding this topic, he is still below the likes of Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, etc. when it comes to name recognition. Recently, Moon Knight theories have taken over the internet, with fans often casting Keanu Reeves in the lead role; however, right now, all such statements are speculative.

Moon Knight is also known by the name Marc Spector and brings the mysterious villain vibe to the table. Moon Knight struggles with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations, as explains. For years, he worked as a mercenary and CIA agent, where he garnered impressive hand-to-hand combat and strategic thinking skills. He is often labeled “the cloaked avenger.” When discussing the potential for a Moon Knight movie, one fan stated:

Moonknight definitely gets my vote. Could even be safe and incorporate other Marvel heroes and do a Bendis run inspired film with other prominent characters like Spiderman, Capt, (maybe instead of Wolverine they could get Punisher? he’s kinda at that level of angry) show up in his head.

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1. Wonder Man

While it may come as a surprise to some familiar with the character, Wonder Man managed to garner a great deal of upvotes as the obscure character fans would like to see receive an MCU movie. Wonder Man, also known by the name Simon Williams, inherited his father’s business at 22 years old and the business, under his inexperienced management, began to lose out to Stark Industries. A long-winding turn of events involving Zemo and the Enchantress lead to Wonder Man being recruited for the Masters of Evil. 

Wonder Man receives an injection by Zemo, granting him superpowers; however, Zemo informs him that he will die without repeated injections, and must follow his orders to defeat the Avengers in battle. Wonder Man gains the trust of the Avengers when he stages a fake battle with them. When discussing the best obscure character for a movie, one fan stated, “Wonder Man. He’s B-String enough that not a whole lot of casual fans know about him. Either him or Sentry.” Another added an interesting factoid:

And James Gunn already has Nathan Fillion for Wonder Man if Marvel does decide to introduce him. Originally GotG 2 was going to have a movie theater in the background at one point with Simon Williams as the main star with Fillion on the poster.

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The question is: will Marvel Studios listen to fans? Is Wonder Man somewhere down the line, or will the they find a way to work in Sentry without making him an utterly unrealistic super force? Will Keanu Reeves finally join the MCU as the mysterious Moon Knight? All remains to be seen.