MCU Leak 11/7/19: ‘Excalibur’ Is Coming With a Spin on Mutants

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the possibilities have always been endless. There’s no shortage of source material in the comic book space. However, following the Fox/Disney merger and the latter’s acquisition of vital properties previously untouchable, the mega-media conglomerate that houses the mouse gained two more vital properties: the X-Men and the Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios planning Excalibur
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

While it is still unknown how exactly the mutants and the super scientists will make their way in the MCU, many believe that Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) will become Spidey’s new mentor in a standalone Fantastic Four installment featuring the web-slinger. Since Spidey no longer has Tony Stark, he will need a new mentor; however, this relationship will likely prove to be more akin to a professor-pupil dynamic, as opposed to a father-son one.

As for the X-Men, many theories argue that Deadpool will string the MCU heroes and mutants together down the line. However, a new theory points to a league of extraordinary X-Men, different from the core group of heroes, coming to play in the MCU.

MCU insider Mikey Sutton reveals Excalibur and X-men details 

Mikey Sutton took to his private Facebook group, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture to leak his latest insider knowledge. According to Mikey Sutton, Marvel wants to make an Excalibur movie that would serve to introduce a branch of mutants “radically different from the main mutant films they will produce.” He stated:

SCOOP – 11/7/19: Excalibur is coming to the MCU. Based on the Chris Claremont/Alan Davis comic-book series, Excalibur will be hybrid of fantasy and comedy featuring time travel, magic, and superheroics. This is part of Kevin Feige’s grand plan to inject new creative blood into the mutant franchise. If you’re wondering why Marvel Studios is introducing the Black Knight in The Eternals, this relatively obscure character is part of a larger overall goal, an X-Men offshoot that will be radically different from the main mutant films they will produce. Not only that, but it provides Captain Britain opportunities to soar. Imagine the MCU filtered through Time Bandits with a dash of Monty Python British humor.

How long will it take for this appear? It’ll be a few years as this is gradually being mapped out. Fox sat on this for so long, a goldmine sitting in the attic.

Your fly in the ointment,

Mikey Sutton

According to Mikey Sutton, an Excalibur film will build a foundation responsible for introducing fans to a different group of mutants — those MCU enthusiasts may not be as familiar with from the years of watching X-men films featuring Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, Storm, Rogue, Phoenix, etc. at the center. 

If this film is already in talks, fans should also expect to see Captain Britain come front and center. And, considering many believe Henry Cavill is already in talks to take on the part, this insider report may be right on the money!