MCU Leak: ‘Black Widow 2’ Is Coming With Daredevil

Kevin Feige — and the other brilliant minds behind each Marvel masterpiece — must be confident in what they’ve got for fans concerning Black Widow. The film, a standalone prequel, has already been the subject of widespread backlash; many argue that it’s a bit too little too late and, given Natasha’s life circumstances, will fail to impact the post- Endgame timeline.

Black Widow
‘Black Widow’ San Diego Comic-Con | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

While Black Widow is set to take place following the events of Civil War, not much else is known about the upcoming narrative. While Natasha was on the run from the government at this time, recent theories suggest that the film will somehow manage to play into the present MCU, despite the overbearing conundrum.

A new report from the famous Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel — an outlet that has many times over accurately predicted future MCU decisions —  says that a Black Widow 2 will be coming to the silver screen. 

What do we know about the Black Widow 2 movie, and who will star in the film? Will Natasha return to her beloved character or will the mantle be passed to Yelena Boleva, portrayed by Florence Pugh? Let’s dive into the most recent leak.

What we know about ‘Black Widow 2,’ Scarlett Johansson’s involvement, and Daredevil’s introduction 

According to Lords of the Longbox, Marvel is planning to release a second Black Widow movie and wants Scarlett Johansson to return to her iconic role. Given that the Infinity stones are now in play, Marvel can figure out a way for this to occur without breaking the timeline; however, would such a movie diminish the meaning of her sacrifice? Hopefully, with the first Black Widow movie, some of the confusing aspects of this whole situation will come into focus.

The members discussing the film go on to remind fans that Black Widow and Daredevil boast quite the complex history, as Natasha Romanoff appeared all the way back in Daredevil comic #81. With the first Black Widow, fans will hopefully come to understand how the actress will manage her return; it’s unlikely that Daredevil will make his appearance in the course of the first movie (at best, maybe during a post-credits scene). 

According to the outlet, Black Widow and Daredevil first met when the latter moved out of Hell’s Kitchen and into San Francisco, so this may be the way that the MCU chooses to pave the character’s introduction. However, if we know anything about Marvel Studios, you shouldn’t expect a direct text-to-screen transformation. The MCU always tinkers and toys with the original plots to ensure they fit within the ever-expanding cinematic world already created. Also, a few adjustments are often just better for movie magic. 

The outlet did not share any reports on who would play Daredevil, or how his involvement would work out, given the existence of Netflix’s Daredevil. Thus, if this leak is true, some heavy-duty behind-the-scenes negotiating will likely come into play. However, fans who love Johansson’s Black Widow may be in for quite the surprise.